Memoirs of Prince Chlodwig of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfuerst, Volume 1

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W. Heinemann, 1907 - Germany
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Page 144 - I therefore so run, not as uncertainly ; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: but I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.
Page 219 - ... the Franco-German War. The Chancellor has the superintendence of it, and it is administered by a Committee of seven members, three of whom are chosen by the Federal Council, and three by the Parliament. 6. Those matters which were within the province of the head of the former Customs Union. By the entry of the South German States into the North German Confederation, and the formation of the Empire, the Customs Union, with its Council and Parliament, was of course rendered unnecessary; and its...
Page 41 - I am a Hessian, a Darmstader, a Blickeburger, my Fatherland was once a great and powerful country; now It Is shattered Into thirty-eight splinters." When we study the map and observe how the Baltic, the North Sea, and the Mediterranean break upon our shores and that no German ship compels the pride of the English and French to give the...
Page 41 - I am a Hessian, a Darmstadter, a Buckeburger; my Fatherland was once a great and powerful country, now it is shattered into eight-and-thirty splinters.' And when we study the map and see how the Baltic, the North Sea, and the Mediterranean break upon our shores, and how no German flag commands the customary salute from the haughty French and English...
Page 88 - I could only exchange a few words with her, as Princess Alice, the Queen's second daughter, sat on my other hand and had much to tell me. She is very well informed for her age, is quick and lively, and her face, in spite of her long nose (which she herself regards as a calamity), is very pretty.
Page 328 - Governments (whether as potestas directa or indirecta in temporalia) ? "(3) Would the professors of dogma and of ecclesiastical law consider themselves forthwith obliged to adopt in their instruction and their writings, the doctrine that the personal and real immunities of the clergy are juris divini, and so come within the range of articles of faith ? " (4) Are there any universally recognised criteria by which it may be decided with certainty if a Papal proclamation ex cathedra, and...
Page 41 - French to give the usual salute to the German flag, ought not the hue of shame alone survive from the black, red, and yellow ensign and mount Into our cheeks? And must not all the whining talk about German unity and the German nation remain wofully ludicrous until the words...
Page 26 - Ministry, it becomes obvious that no alleviation is_to be expected unless a complete change is made in the supreme authority. We dare not shut our eyes to the fact that on the slightest provocation we may have a rebellion. One movement leads to another ; the military are untrustworthy, and there is nothing to check the stream if it bursts its banks and rushes over meadow and field. All who do not now work their hardest to secure a decent education are lost.
Page 225 - ... Government found themselves isolated during the peace negotiations, owing to circumstances not unknown to the Imperial Government, and were by this led * Article III. of the Peace of Berlin (between Prussia and Bavaria), dated August 22, 1866 : " His Majesty the King of Bavaria recognises the terms of the preliminary treaty concluded between Prussia and Austria at Nikolsburg on July 26, 1866, and for his part concurs in the same, so far as the future of Germany is concerned.