Romances of the French Revolution: From the French of G. Lenôtre [pseud.], Volume 1

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W. Heinemann, 1908 - France
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Page 239 - ... that of our backgammon, which my aunt, wishing to amuse me a little, had been kind enough to teach me. We played it in the evening during the winter, which passed rather quietly, in spite of the inquisition and searches. They gave us wood to burn, which they had hitherto refused us. January 19th we heard a great noise in my brother's room, which made us conjecture that they were taking him from the Temple; we were convinced of it when, looking through the key-hole, we saw them carrying away packages.
Page 89 - ... des lettre personnelle doive se conserver pour la justification de celui qui à En voyé les effet comme pour celui qui les à...
Page 23 - Ministry one which the public could trust and support. The Emperor listened to Rodzyanko for over an hour with the closest attention, his elbows on the table and his face buried in his hands. At the end he took Rodzyanko's hand in both of his own and said to him, 'Thank you for your straightforward, frank and courageous report'.
Page 135 - You merely have to get up in the morning and go to bed at night and...
Page 188 - Farther on, at the corner of the Rue du Bac and the Rue de Sevres, are the extensive magazines of the Bon-Marche (p.
Page 89 - A lui représente quil nest pas juste dans faire réponse dautant plus que des lettre personnelle doive se conserver pour la justification de celui qui a En voyé les...
Page 92 - Allons, etouffe tes clameurs; Souffre, 6 coeur gros de haine, affame de justice. Toi, Vertu, pleure si je meurs.
Page 302 - ... Barry, being conveyed to execution. . . . Only about forty-two or forty-three years of age,* she was still, 'in spite of the terror which disfigured her features, remarkably beautiful. Clothed wholly in white, like Marie-Antoinette, who had preceded her a few weeks previously upon the same route, her beautiful black hair formed a contrast similar to that presented by a funeral pall cast over a coffin. " In the name of heaven ! " she cried amidst her tears and sobs, "in the name of heaven save...
Page 25 - ... brief examination by the Revolu219 tionary Tribunal she was adjudged guilty and condemned to death. As she listened unmoved to the sentence she exclaimed: 'O joy! in a few hours I shall see my Camille again.' From prison she wrote her mother a farewell note: 'Good night, my dear mother, a tear falls from my eyes; it is for you. I am going to sleep in the tranquillity of innocence.
Page 25 - We can carry along with us this testimony, at least, that we perish the last of the republicans. Live for my child, speak to him of me, tell him how dearly I should have loved him. Notwithstanding that I am to be publicly executed, I believe that there is a God. My blood will efface my faults ; the weaknesses of humanity, and whatever there was of good in me, my virtues, my love of liberty, God will reward it. I shall see thee again ; the day will come.

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