Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar

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Page 222 - Many verbs compounded with the prepositions ad, ante, con, in, inter, ob, (post), prae, sub, and super, take the Dative, especially in moral relations.
Page 458 - Thus, a verse of one Dactyl is called a Monometer ; of two, a Dimeter ; of three, a Trimeter ; of four, a Tetrameter ; of five, a Pentameter ; of six, a Hexameter.
Page 425 - ... atque infesta. An Syphaci Numidisque credis? Satis sit semel creditum; non semper temeritas est felix, et fraus fidem in parvis sibi praestruit, ut, cum operae pretium sit, cum mercede magna fallat.
Page 215 - Some verbs of asking and teaching may take two Accusatives, one of the Person, and the other of the Thing ( 396).

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