The Town Register: Epsom, Canterbury, Loudon, Deerfield, Northwood, Chichester

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Mitchell-Cony Company, 1909 - Canterbury (N.H.) - 119 pages
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Page 53 - They used often to call upon him, and his kindness to them they never forgot even in time of war. Plausawa had a peculiar manner of doubling his lip, and producing a very shrill piercing whistle, which might be heard a great distance. At a time...
Page 51 - When night came on, and they halted to repose themselves in the dark wilderness, Plausawa, the head man, would make a little couch in the leaves a little way from theirs, cover her up with his own blanket ; and there she was suffered to sleep undisturbed till morning. When they came to a river, which must be forded, one of them would carry her over on his back. Nothing like insult or indecency did they ever offer her during the whole time she was with them. They carried her to Canada, and sold her...
Page 43 - In Testimony whereof, We have caused the Seal of our said Province to be hereunto affixed. Witness Benning Wentworth, Esq.
Page 53 - M'Coy's mountain, a •very loud sharp whistle, which he knew to be Plausawa's, suddenly passed through his head, like the report of a pistol. The sudden alarm almost raised him from the ground ; and, with a very light step, he soon reached home without his cow. In more peaceable times, Plausawa asked him if he did not remember the time, and laughed very much to think how he ran at the fright, and told him the reason for his whistling. . " Young Indian," said he, " put up gun to shoot Englishman.
Page 2 - ... pi; housework — ho; laborer — lab; physician and surgeon— phy & sur; clergyman— clerg; merchant — mer; teacher — tr; blacksmith — blk; clerk — cl; bookkeeper— bk kpr; lawyer— law; mechanic mech...
Page 9 - In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the loyall subjects of our dread soveraigne lord, King James, by the grace of God, of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, etc...
Page 48 - M'Coy, being now strongly suspicious that the Indians were actually in the town, determined to set off the next day with his family for the garrison at Nottingham. His family now consisted of himself, his wife, and son John. The younger children were still at the garrison. They accordingly secured their house as well as they could, and all set off next morning...
Page 48 - On her return, as she was passing the block-house, which stood near the present site of the meeting-house, the dogs, which had passed round it, came running back growling and very much excited. Their appearance induced her to make the best of her way home. The Indians afterwards told her that they then lay concealed there, and saw the dogs, when they came round.
Page 10 - Persons abovesaid, their Heirs or Assigns in our Council Chamber in Portsmouth, or to such Officer or Officers as shall be appointed to receive the same; and this to be in Lieu of all other Rents and Services whatsoever.
Page 41 - Consent of our Council, have given and Granted and by these presents (as far as in Us lies) do give and grant in Equal shares unto sundry of our beloved subjects, whose names are entered in a Schedule hereunto annexed that Inhabit or shall inhabit within the said grant within our Province of New Hampshire, all that tract...

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