Japan as it was and is

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Printed at the Sanshūsha, Kanda, 1902 - Japan - 611 pages
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Page 560 - Ferdinand Mendez Pinto was but a type of thee, thou liar of the first magnitude.
Page 523 - IX. It is agreed, that if at any future day the government of Japan shall grant to any other Nation or Nations privileges and advantages which are not herein granted to the United States, and the Citizens thereof, that these same privileges and advantages shall be granted likewise to the United States, and to the Citizens thereof, without any consultation or delay.
Page 365 - ... single word. So mean and short a thing is the audience we have of this mighty monarch. Nor are there any more ceremonies observed in the audience he gives, even to the greatest and most powerful princes of the empire. For, having been called into the hall, their names are cried out aloud, then they move on their hands and feet humbly and silently towards the Emperor's seat, and having showed their submission, by bowing their forehead down to the ground, they creep back again in the same submissive...
Page 523 - The present Convention having been concluded and duly signed, shall be obligatory and faithfully observed by the United States of America and Japan, and by the Citizens and Subjects of each respective power; and it is to be ratified and approved by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by the August Sovereign of Japan, and the ratification shall be exchanged within eighteen months from the date of the Signature thereof, or sooner if practicable.
Page 348 - ... blades and other arms, are made here in the utmost perfection, as are also the richest dresses and after the best fashion, all sorts of toys, puppets moving their heads of themselves, and numberless other things too many to be here mentioned. In short, there is nothing can be thought of but what may be found at Miako, and nothing, though never so neatly wrought, can be imported from abroad but what some artist or other in this capital will undertake to imitate it.
Page 15 - The entire roof is covered with a plating of gold, in the same manner as we cover houses, or more properly churches, with lead. The ceilings of the halls are of the same precious metal ; many of the apartments have small tables of pure gold...
Page 370 - Then he ordered us to take off our cappa or cloak, being our garment of ceremony ; then to stand upright, that he might have a full view of us ; again, to walk, to stand still, to compliment each other, to dance, to jump, to play the drunkard, to speak broken Japanese, to read Dutch, to paint, to sing, to put our cloaks on and off.
Page 507 - I have directed Commodore Perry to assure your Imperial Majesty that I entertain the kindest feelings towards your Majesty's person and government; and that I have no other object in sending him to Japan, but to propose to your Imperial Majesty that the United States and Japan should live in friendship, and have commercial intercourse with each other.
Page 15 - In this island there are pearls also, in large quantities, of a red (pink) color, round in shape, and of great size, equal in value to, or even exceeding that of the white pearls. It is customary with one part of the inhabitants to bury their dead, and with another part to burn them. The former have a practice of putting one of these pearls into the mouth of the corpse. There are also found there a number of precious stones.
Page 507 - If your imperial majesty is not satisfied that it would be safe altogether to abrogate the ancient laws which forbid foreign trade, they might be suspended for five or ten years, so as to try the experiment.

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