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The bad-guy vampire, Bishop, has come to town and he wants something. There's much speculation and anxiety as to what he wants but everyone is afraid they'll find out what come Saturday at the Ball ... Read full review

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I wanted to read Feast of Fools because The Morganville Vampire series has become an addiction lately, and I had to know what was happening with Claire the main character, how she would be selfless and help her friends. I also wanted to see more of her romance with Shane, because I think they are a great compliment to one another.
In this one we have new players in town. Amelie's dad and his entourage come in and take a special interest in Claire and the Glass House. They were scary and imposing and even Oliver seemed to be toeing the line and concerned about their presence in town.
Claire's parents are also in tow, and that makes life all that much more difficult for Claire as they move into one of the founder houses and are influenced and subdued by Bishop (A's dad). They want for Claire to move back with them and things just get tangled because they seem oblivious to the danger in some ways, but in others they are concerned and protective of Claire.
Loved getting to see more of Eve as well as her romance with Michael. She is as goth as ever and he is adjusting to being a vampire (previously a ghost who only had form at night and couldn't leave the house). The friendship and loyalty in their house is great to read about and makes me a little envious.
The whole plot line with Ysandre bothered me of course. I hated that she had that sort of power, and that humans had no defenses against the mind play. I really hope that something develops there, or they could just kill her. That too.
Myrnin is in this one too and he amuses me. I like how he is described, powerful yet also so vulnerable. He shows a side to Claire that not many others see and everything revealed from his past, his great mind, his disease, all make him a very captivating side character.
As usual, Rachel left me wanting to read the next book right away. Her endings tie up certain plot lines and then leave others open enough to crave the next one and get a taste of what the characters will be up against.
Bottom Line: Loving the series, can't get enough.

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So far I have only read the first 4 books (this book being #4 in the series) and I love them all! I can't wait to add more to my home library, as well as my online one. I highly recommend this entire series, though I haven’t read them all I did enjoy the ones I did read. By the way, these are series books. You have to start with book 1 or you will lost in the story line.
This is what I do with series books, I buy the entire published books and then I read them. This way I don't have to wait for the next book to come out. Hopefully by the time I get to the last one I have, there are new releases just waiting for me. BUT, I have just can not do that with this series and another series called " Thirst" by Christopher Pike (there are now 3 books out and they are 2-in1 books by that author!)
Back to topic, I have 4 of the above Morganville Vamps books, but I have only two books because I have two of the 2-in-1 books.( AKA Vol. books) Clear as mud?

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