The Disciple of a Saint: Being the Imaginary Biography of Raniero Di Landoccio Dei Pagliaresi

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E.P. Dutton & Company, 1907 - Italy - 383 pages
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Page xv - Then in her sacred saving hands She took the sorrows of the lands, With maiden palms she lifted up The sick time's blood-embittered cup, And in her virgin garment furled The faint limbs of a wounded world. Clothed with calm love and clear desire, She went forth in her soul's attire, A missive fire.
Page xiii - Well, now; there's nothing in nor out o' the world Good except truth: yet this, the something else, What's this then, which proves good yet seems untrue? This that I mixed with truth, motions of mine That quickened, made the inertness malleolable O' the gold was not mine, — what's your name for this?
Page 335 - ... who want them. By this means she attains to the third and last — mental prayer, in which she receives the reward for the labours she underwent in her imperfect vocal prayer. Then she tastes the milk of faithful prayer. She rises above herself — that is, above the gross impulses of the senses — and with angelic mind unites herself with God by force of love, and sees and knows with the light of thought, and clothes herself with truth. She is made the sister of angels ; she abides with her...
Page 6 - GOD of truth, O Lord of might, Who orderest time and change aright, Brightening the morn with golden gleams, Kindling the noon-day's fiery beams : 2 Quench Thou in us the flames of strife, From passion's heat preserve our life, Our bodies keep from perils free, And give our souls true peace in Thee.
Page 209 - ... consider so much the wrong the son has done to him, as whether he has become humble, so that he may be shown full mercy. What peculiar joy he felt my tongue could not tell. Having discussed with him a good length of time, at the end of our talk he said that if your case were as I presented it to him, he was ready to receive you as sons, and to do what seemed best to me. I say no more here. It seems to me that absolutely no other answer ought to be given to the Holy Father until your ambassadors...
Page 101 - Jesu, quem velatum nunc aspicio, Oro, fiat illud, quod tarn sitio: Ut te revelata cernens facie, Visu sim beatus tuae gloriae.
Page i - The disciple of a saint. Being the imaginary biography of Raniero di Landoccio dei Pagliaresi, secretary to St.
Page 11 - ... in which the constitutionally bored and melancholy were plunged head over ears in the black mud of hell's third circle. And this is what St. Catherine of Siena had to say about the state of mind which is the very climate and atmosphere of all Kafka's novels: "Confusion is a leprosy that dries up body and soul, and binds the arms of holy desire. It makes the soul unendurable to itself, disposing the mind to conflicts and fantasies. It robs the soul of supernatural light and darkens its natural...
Page 273 - ... vespers came the other. And Saturday evening that friend of ours was caught with a companion, so that at one time heresy was thoroughly put an end to and peace came; now he is in prison. Pray God for him, that He give him true light and knowledge. Drown you and bathe you in the Blood of Christ crucified. Love, love one another. I send you some of the olive of peace. Remain in the holy and sweet grace of God.
Page 168 - Ma tu che sol per cancellare scrivi, pensa che Pietro e Paulo, che moriro per la vigna che guasti, ancor son vivi. 132 Ben puoi tu dire: "I...

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