History of New England During the Stuart Dynasty, Volume 3

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Little, Brown, 1870 - New England
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Page 200 - There was another Praying Indian, who when he had done all the mischief that he could, betrayed his own father into the English hands, thereby to purchase his own life. Another Praying Indian was at Sudbury fight, though, as he deserved, he was afterward hanged for it. There was another Praying Indian, so wicked and cruel, as to wear a string about his neck, strung with Christians
Page 274 - ... more expressly. We therefore thought fit, in the first place, to acquaint ourselves as well as we could of the state of that place, by some whom we heard of that were newly come from thence, and to be informed of their present posture and condition. Some of our council were for sending them a menacing letter, which those who better understood the peevish and touchy humour of that colony, were utterly against.
Page 200 - And there was a great famine in Samaria : and, behold, they besieged it, until an ass's head was sold for fourscore pieces of silver, and the fourth part of a cab of dove's dung for five pieces of silver.
Page 185 - After this it quickly began to snow, and when night came on, they stopt: and now down I must sit in the snow, by a little fire, and a few boughs behind me, with my sick child in my lap, and calling much for water, being now (through the wound) fallen into a violent fever.
Page 39 - Their materials are brick, stone, lime, handsomely contrived, with three meetinghbuses or churches, and a town-house built upon pillars where the merchants may confer; in the chambers above they keep their monthly courts.
Page 580 - We judge it necessary you forthwith surrender and deliver up the Government and Fortification, to be preserved and disposed according to Order and Direction from the Crown of England, which suddenly is expected may arrive...
Page 664 - The borrower must return this item on or before the last date stamped below. If another user places a recall for this item, the borrower will be notified of the need for an earlier return. Non-receipt of overdue notices does not exempt the borrower from overdue fines.
Page 186 - I went to take up my dead child in my arms to carry it with me, but they bid me let it alone; there was no resisting, but go I must and leave it.
Page 77 - ... endeavor to frame and establish agreements and orders in general cases of a civil nature...
Page 153 - Indian was found, that by accident standing unseen upon a hill, had seen them murdering the said Sausaman, but durst never reveal it for fear of losing his own life likewise, until he was called to the court at Plymouth, or before the Governor where he plainly confessed what he had seen.

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