THE SPIRIT LEVEL: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger

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Predatory capitalism makes some of us poor and some of us rich, of course, but it also makes most of us sick, crime-ridden and mad—or so two British social scientists contend.In a scholarly work that is already exciting widespread discussion outside the academy, Wilkinson (Univ. of Nottingham Medical School) and Pickett (Univ. of York) show that by nearly every measure of the quality of life ... Read full review

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This book is a very clear and concise explanation of how income inequality really effects people on the street. On nearly every page I stopped and thought, 'Yes, of course. How did I not see that before?!' This is an eye opener and I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

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A brilliant book indeed. It has the potential to be a catalyst for a new paradigm of humanity in the 21st century. This book emphatically stresses the point that economic development does not equal social equality, and perhaps even the opposite. It should be a bible of modern political, sociological and economic thought. Please read this book if you care to understand which direction humanity should take in the not so distant future.  

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Distorting the spirit of equality
The Spirit Level, a new book on why equal societies are better than unequal ones, fancies itself in the tradition of the French Revolution. In truth, it turns
equality from a political goal into a therapeutic imperative.
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Review: The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger

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I have always considered myself a committed capitalist and free marketeer/free trader. However I have to say that my faith in the ultimate power for good of the market has been shaken by the recent ... Read full review

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