Above suspicion, Volume 1

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Page 1 - I. ABOUT WEST GREEN AND TOTTENHAM AND THE SHOEING OF A HORSE. SIXTEEN years ago no more rural village could have been found within five miles of the General Post Office than West Green. It was as utterly in the country as though situated a hundred miles from London, and by a natural consequence it was country in its ways, habits, and manners. The various lanes leading to it from VOL.
Page 172 - Green or St. John's Gate side, but from an obscure little lane running almost parallel with Cow Cross Street, Chappell noticed a man standing on the opposite side of the way, looking up at the windows of the house he occupied. With a steady tread, Chappell paced on towards Clerkenwell Green, and then made his way down the alley leading to St. John's Square, and thence to Eed Lion Street.
Page 3 - CLII. and brought London following at their heels — when the common lands were inclosed and laid out in plots on which more houses were erected — when little byroads were made leading to meadows then innocent of brick and mortar, but soon destined to be covered with small two-storey tenements — when, in a word, Hanger Lane should be improved off the face of the earth, and in the interests of speculative builders (who had come entirely of their own accord to spoil it), called as it is at present,...
Page 212 - ... me, like sunshine lighting up a fair valley. The prayers of myself and my family will ascend night and morning for the prosperity and happiness, temporal and eternal, of my noble and generous patron to whom I beg to subscribe myself, " His Lordship's devoted and grateful servant, "DioNYSius WEIGHT.
Page 2 - ... as pretty a roadside public as the heart of traveller need have desired to see — now refronted, redecorated, provided with tea-gardens and other modern innovations of a like description. As for Hanger Lane, no one had yet dreamed of the evil days to come, when mushroom villas should be built upon...

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