Text-book of Nervous Diseases and Psychiatry: For the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine

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W. Wood, 1904 - Nervous system - 690 pages
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This is a great book. I am deeply moved by the preface of this book; all the people refereed in the book need to be researched; within their own field of medical research. I am mentally and spirituality inspired by this book. my personal studies in pharmacy lack the mental aspects of reasoning that you will find in this book.
sir Jeremy Joseph Ryan

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Page 576 - Thus heart disease is accompanied with dreams of impending death. Previous to attacks of cerebral hemorrhage, patients have dreamed of experiencing some frightful calamity or of being cut in two. Intermittent fever is often announced by persistent dreams of a terrifying character. Hammond has collected a large number of what he terms prodromic dreams, all going to show that before recognizable signs of disease are present morbid dreams of various kinds may occur. Albers says: " Frightful dreams are...
Page 598 - Draw lines from corner dots to center dot with right hand; same with left. 6. Draw another set of lines parallel to the first, with the right hand ; same with left. 7. Throw ten pennies upon the paper, pick them up and place them in a single pile with the right hand; then with the left ; repeat twice. 8. Spread the pennies about on the table, touch each one slowly and exactly with the forefinger of right hand; then with forefinger of left.
Page 599 - With the arms raised above the head, carry them farward and downward, bending with the body until the tips of the fingers come as near the floor as they can be safely carried. 10. Stand without cane, feet spread apart, hands on hips; flex the trunk forward, then to the left, then backward, then to the right, making a circle with the head. Repeat this three times. 11. Do exercise No. 9 with heels together. 12. Do exercise No. 10 with heels together. 13. Walk along a fixed line, such as a seam on carpet,...
Page 575 - Sleepless, and soon the small birds' melodies Must hear, first uttered from my orchard trees ; And the first cuckoo's melancholy cry. Even thus last...
Page 524 - He becomes somewhat despondent over his condition, and thoughts of paralysis or some other serious ailment annoy him. His head aches, the pain being more or less constant and diffused, and located usually over the forehead or at the back of the neck. He has unpleasant sensations in the head, such as that of constriction or pressure or scalding feelings. His back also is continually painful, and walking increases it. His nervousness becomes more marked, and close examination shows a little, fine tremor...
Page 598 - Arms. — 1 . Sit in front of a table, place the hand upon it, then elevate each finger as far as possible. Then raising the hand slightly, extend and then flex each finger and thumb as far as possible. Do this first with the right, then with the left.
Page 595 - I like to add one pound of beef, in the form of raw soup. This is made by chopping up one pound of raw beef and placing it in a bottle with one pint of water and five drops of strong hydrochloric acid. This mixture stands...

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