The Great Plains: The Romance of Western American Exploration, Warfare, and Settlement, 1527-1870

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McClurg, 1907 - Great Plains - 399 pages
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Page vi - I hear the tread of pioneers Of nations yet to be ; The first low wash of waves, where soon Shall roll a human sea.
Page 74 - Robinson, who was in front with me; but in half an hour they appeared in full view before us. When our small party arrived on the hill they with one accord gave three cheers to the Mexican mountains.
Page 139 - All's set!" is finally heard from some teamster— "All's set," is directly responded from every quarter. "Stretch out!" immediately vociferates the captain. Then, the 'heps!' of drivers— the cracking of whips— the trampling of feet— the occasional creak of wheels— the rumbling of wagons— form a new scene of exquisite confusion, which I shall not attempt further to describe.
Page 330 - In 1863 and 1864 surveys were inaugurated, but in 1866 the country was systematically occupied ; and day and night, summer and winter, the explorations were pushed forward through dangers and hardships that very few at this day appreciate, as every mile had to be run within range of the musket as there was not a moment's security.
Page 333 - The excitement of the capture and the reports coming by telegraph of the burning train brought all the men to the platform, and when I called upon them to fall in, to go forward and retake the train, every man on the train went into line, and by his position showed that he was a soldier. We ran down slowly until we came in sight of the train. I gave the order to deploy as skirmishers...
Page 288 - I cannot speak too highly of the patient and cheerful conduct of the troops under my command; they were many times pinched by hunger and numbed by cold, sometimes living in holes below the surface of the prairie — dug to keep them from freezing; at other times pursuing the savages, and living on the flesh of mules. In all these trying conditions the troops were always cheerful and willing, and the officers full of esprit.
Page 171 - Fe. About the middle, of the day's march the two Pueblo Indians, previously sent in to sound the chief men of that formidable tribe, •were seen in the distance, at full speed, with arms and legs both thumping into the sides of their mules at every stride. Something was now surely in the wind. The smaller and foremost of the two dashed Up to the general, his face radiant with joy, and exclaimed, "they are in the Canon, my brave, pluck up your courage and push them out.
Page 358 - They endeavoured to ambush us the next morning, but we got wind of their little game and killed three of them, including the chief." Carson's nature was made up of some very noble attributes. He was brave, but not reckless like Custer; a veritable exponent of Christian altruism, and as true to his friends as the needle to the pole. Under the average stature, and rather delicate-looking in his physical proportions, he was nevertheless a quick, wiry man, with nerves of steel, and possessing an indomitable...
Page 185 - But not so when the prairies became dry and parched, the road filled with stifling dust, the stream beds mere dry ravines, or carrying only alkaline water which could not be used, the game all gone to more hospitable sections, and the summer sun pouring down its heat with torrid intensity. It was then that the trail became a highway of desolation, strewn with abandoned property, the skeletons of horses, mules, and oxen, and, alas! too often, with freshly made mounds and head boards that told the...
Page 354 - He had his fingers round my throat. Before I could get to my feet I was struck across the breast with the stock of a rifle, and I felt the blood rushing out of my nose and mouth. Then I got ugly, and I remember that I got hold of a knife, and then it was all cloudy like, and I was wild, and I struck savage blows, following the devils up from one side to the other of the room and into the corners, striking and slashing until I knew that every one was dead. "All of a sudden it seemed as if my heart...

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