Esperanto The Universal Language: The Student's Complete Text Book, Containing Full Grammar, Exercises, Conversations, Commercial Letters, and Two Vocabularies

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John Charles O'Connor
Fleming H. Revell Company, 1903 - Esperanto - 175 pages
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Page 20 - Patr'o ni'a, kiu est'as en la ciel'o, sankt'a est'u Vi'a nom'o, ven'u reg'ec'o Vi'a, est'u vol'o Vi'a, kiel en la ciel'o, tiel
Page 20 - Je la komenc'o Di'o kre'is la ter'o'n kaj la ciel'o'n. Kaj la ter'o est'is sen'form'a kaj dezert'a, kaj mal'lum'o est'is super la
Page 20 - Di'o dir'is : est'u firm'aJ'o inter la akv'o, kaj ĝi apart'ig'u akv'on de akv'o. Kaj Di'o kre'is la firm'aj'o'n kaj apart'ig'is la akv'o'n kiu est'as sub la firm'aJ'o, de la akv'o kiu est'as super la firm'aJ'o; kaj far'ig'is tiel.
Page 20 - kaj la anim'o de Di'o si'n port'is super la akv'o. Kaj Di'o dir'is : est'u lum'o ; kaj far'ig'is lum'o. Kaj Di'o vid'is la lum'o'n ke ĝi
Page 20 - est'as bon'a, kaj nom'is Di'o la lum'o'n tag'o, kaj la mal'lum'o'n Li nom'is nokt'o. Kaj est'is vesper'o, kaj est'is maten'o—unu tag'o.
Page 13 - I introduced a complete dismemberment of ideas into independent words, so that the whole language consists, not of words in different states of grammatical inflexion, but of unchangeable words.
Page 7 - first instance. The Chinese wall dividing literatures would disappear, and the works of other nations would be as readily intelligible to us as those of our own authors. Books being the same for everyone, education, ideals, convictions, aims, would be the same too, and all nations would be united in a common
Page 16 - To express anything by means of this vocabulary, in the international language, look for the words required in the vocabulary itself; and for the terminations necessary to distinguish the grammatical forms look in the grammatical appendix, under the respective headings of the parts of speech which you desire to express.
Page 174 - a grammar, a dictionary and some articles in this language, I was able, in two short hours, if not to write, at any rate to read,
Page 7 - be made into it alone, as into a tongue intelligible to all, and works of an international character would be written in it in

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