A History of the Huguenots

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Whittaker and Company, 1840 - France - 304 pages

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Page 295 - ... them ; and often urging the king's command, and quoting the passage of St. Paul, ' that he who resists the higher power, resists God.
Page 273 - Him who died for our sins, and rose again for our justification, and now liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, one God world without end.
Page 94 - SiRE- -I have received an order, under your majesty's seal, to put to death all the protestants in my province. I have too much respect for your majesty, not to believe the letter a forgery ; but if (which God forbid) the order should be genuine, I have too much respect for your majesty to obey it.
Page 295 - is indeed master of our bodies, but not of our consciences." But at last, the dreadful day being come, the Comite narrowly observed them, to see the fruit of my labours; there were only two out of twenty that bowed their knee to Baal, the rest generously refused it, and were accordingly, by the Captain's command, served in the manner following.
Page 295 - I went thither after the execution, and could not refrain from tears at the sight of so much barbarity. They quickly perceived it, and though...
Page 88 - I fell into the same danger, from which I was delivered with the same good fortune. At length I arrived at the College of Burgundy: a still greater danger awaited me there. The porter having twice refused me admittance I remained in the middle of the street at the mercy of the ruffians, whose numbers kept increasing, and who eagerly sought for their prey, when I thought of asking for the principal of the college, named Dafaye, a worthy man and who tenderly loved me. The porter, gained by small pieces...
Page 295 - I was glad to find them less moved than I was myself. It was wonderful to see with what true Christian patience and constancy, they bore their torments : in the extremity of their pain, never expressing anything like rage ; but calling upon Almighty GOD, and imploring his assistance. I visited them, day by day; and as often as I did, my conscience upbraided me for persisting so long in a religion, whose capital errors I...
Page 88 - ... to go to mass, to save his life, and preserve his house from being pillaged. He came to persuade me to do the same, and to take me with him. I did not think proper to follow him, but resolved to try if I could gain the college of Burgundy, where I had studied: though the great distance between the house where I then was, and the college, made the attempt very dangerous.
Page 117 - ... demanded the assembling of the states, let them be convoked at Blois, a town quite open. The chief of our party will take care to effect the election of deputies inviolably attached to the ancient religion and to the sovereign pontiff. Should any one oppose the resolutions which we shall cause to be taken in the states, if a prince of the blood, he shall be declared incapable of succeeding to the crown ; if of any other quality, he shall be punished with death ; or, if he cannot be laid hold...
Page 197 - Thus, notwithstanding a league so powerful as that of the Pope, the Emperor, the King of Spain, the Duke of Savoy, and all the ecclesiastics of Christianity, did the King of France acsomplish his designs t) and crown them with a glorious peace.

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