The Curse of Central Africa

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R. A. Everett & Company, Limited, 1903 - Cannibalism - 276 pages
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Page 197 - ... compulsory entry into port. No maritime or river toll, based on the mere fact of navigation, shall be levied on vessels, nor shall any transit duty be levied on goods on board. Only such taxes or duties shall be collected as may be an equivalent for services rendered to navigation itself.
Page 197 - And, as on the river itself, so there shall be collected on these roads, railways, and canals only tolls calculated on the cost of construction, maintenance, and management, and on the profits due to the promoters.
Page 188 - State; and now that the progress of events has brought with it the general recognition of the jurisdiction of the association and opened the way for its incorporation as an independent and sovereign State, I have great satisfaction in congratulating...
Page 186 - Declaration relative to the essential Conditions to be observed in order that new Occupations on the Coasts of the African Continent may be held to be effective...
Page 315 - Every caro possible has been taken to make the work "practical" in its teaching, with an avoidance of technical terms without sacrificing facts of importance. " The teaching of this book is up-to-date in its character, and it will certainly prove a boon to the farmer or owner when he happens to reside far from veterinary advice, and may require to act in an emergency."—Glasgow Herald.
Page 315 - Crown 8vo, well printed and strongly bound, 1 0/6 net. The object of this " Veterinary Manual " aims at supplying the intelligent horse owner with a thoroughly reliable book upon the general management of the horse in health, and its treatment when suffering from accident or labouring under disease. Every care possible has been taken to make the work " practical" in its teaching with an avoidance of technical terms without sacrificing facts of importance.
Page 318 - In so ar as the art of shooting with the rifle can be taught by words, Mr. Greener has essayed to make all who read his treatise proficient sharpshooters, and his remarks, both on sporting and military weapons, are eminently practical.
Page 315 - CONTENTS— Foods and Feeding ; Watering ; Air ; Ventilation ; Cleaning Stables; Temperature of Stable; Bedding; Disinfectants; Cleaning Harness Mountings, Stirrups, Bits, etc. ; Cleaning Rusty Bits ; Cleaning Saddles ; Cleaning Harness and Preservation of same ; List of Stable Requisites ; Lamps and Candles ; Measuring for Harness ; Washing and Preservation of Carriages ; Treatment of Horses on Board Ship, etc. " The information contained in the book could not well be over-rated, and the publication...
Page 188 - ... possessions of the International Association of the Congo will hereafter form the Independent State of the Congo.
Page 197 - The roads, paths, railways, or lateral canals which may be constructed with the special object of obviating the innavigability or correcting the imperfections of the river route on certain sections of the course of the...

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