The new guide to knitting and crochet

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J. & D.A. Darling, 1847 - Crocheting - 67 pages
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Page 14 - There should be forty stitches left on the needle in the last row.* Pick up thirty stitches on each side, and make the borders at the sides and back like the first. Make up the cap by turning in the border to the fancy row, and hem it all round: it is to be tied behind, and under the chin, with ribbons or plaited wool, with tassels of the same.
Page 13 - Pearl one row, decreasing one stitch at each end. Knit one row, decreasing two stitches at each end. Knit one row, decreasing one stitch at each }end. Knit a fancy row as before. THIRD — Colored.
Page 12 - Cast on forty-two stitches very loosely, alternately knit, and pearl, three stitches, for twelve turns. Knit ten turns plain. Knit thirty-five turns, plain, — increasing one stitch on each turn. Knit twenty turns, plain, — increasing one stitch every other turn. Repeat the twelve turns as at the commencement.
Page 31 - ... and tie the wool quite tight, leaving an end to it that may be drawn through and attached to the quilt ; cut the loops of wool through on the opposite side of the mesh, then comb and shear it neatly, for a quilt two yards and a half square, two hundred and twentyfive pieces will be required: it will take two hundred and fifty-six tufts.
Page 15 - ... over them ; knit one ; bring the wool forward, knit one : bring the wool forward. Sixth row — pearl knitting. Seventh row — slip one ; knit two together, bring the slip stitch over them ; bring the wool forward, knit three ; bring the wool forward.
Page 19 - Thread half a bunch of beads on a skein of claret netting silk, and cast on eighty-eight stitches. First and second rows — plain knitting without beads. Third row — slip one ; knit one with a bead ; knit one ; repeat the same alternately to the end of the row. Repeat from first row eighty-four times. Observe at the commencement of every row to make a slip-stitch. Join up the two sides, leaving an opening at the top, and finish with two bars and gold chain.
Page 16 - First row — knit two stitches together four times ; bring the wool forward and knit one, eight times ; knit two stitches together four times : pearl one ; — repeat to the end of the row.
Page 16 - ... fringe ; as the increasing adds an irregular stitch, some rows will have one, and others two knitted stitches at the commencement.
Page 17 - ... be split, it exactly imitates the Shetland wool. In splitting, the wool will frequently break; but this is not important, as by laying the ends contrariwise, and twisting them together, a few stitches may be so knit, that the joins are not perceptible. Both ends of the scarf are to be made alike, by reversing the knitting of the border. They may be finished with a tied, knitted, or netted fringe, of the same wool, without splitting, or of fine German wool.
Page 16 - Fourth row — purled ; repeat from the first row, until the pattern is about fourteen inches deep. Commence the centre as follows (this is done in white wool — the borders in shades).

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