Review: Travels With Charley: In Search of America

Editorial Review - - Judith Handschuh

John Steinbeck loved to travel, so much so that he felt his passion was akin to a disease. Near the beginning of TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY he wrote, "I fear the disease is incurable." As readers we should give thanks for his belief, because his account of traveling across the United States in 1960 is an incomparable personal memoir as well as a wonderful portrait of America. Steinbeck took his French ... Read full review

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Can someone please tell me in simple terms what this whole book was about?? i started reading it and barley could understand anything and seems completely pointless. What was the purpose???

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Steinbeck travels from Maine to Washington, down through California, and back through the South for several months alone in a trailer on his truck. His dog Charley is his only travel companion. His comments about the places he travels through and the people he encounters never get old. I'm not sure I'd rather live vicariously through anyone else on this journey. 

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Excellent idea for a book.. Very insightful, and at some points, touching.

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5/2007 - 8/2007

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I loved this book! It is a beautiful story, and still relevant to today's reader. I found many connections between the story and current events and issues. One of my favorite things was his disgust for all the pre-fab food he found across the U.S. and his pleasure in finding farm-fresh eggs when he could. He writes well about all the people he meets, high and low. I love his character, a rare type of man that seems to be disappearing (manly, self-sufficient, resourceful, and kind---also kind of hard to describe except he reminds me of my granfather). It is a very interesting travel book, since it takes you to our past, and takes you to humble places and encounters that are not usually part of traveling the u.s. 

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