Instructions for the exercise of small arms, field pieces, etc., for the use of her majesty's ships

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Harrison & Sons, 1859 - 142 pages

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Page 50 - The head of an advanced guard must never enter a defile, or hollow- way, without previously occupying the heights on either side by flanking parties. When the heights are thus crowned, the...
Page 54 - That the line of sight should be taken along 'the centre of the notch of the back-sight and the top of the fore-sight, which should cover the middle of the mark aimed at.
Page 35 - To resist cavalry. — Upon the word HALT, the square will halt and face outwards, and when it is to PREPARE TO RESIST CAVALRY; — upon the word READY...
Page 18 - Whenever a company in line charges with swords, the whole are in the first instance to advance in quick time with shouldered arms ; at the command PREPARE TO CHARGE, the rifles of the front rank will be brought to the long trail, and those of the rear rank to the slope ; at the word CHARGE...
Page 39 - ... with accuracy ; and, as he approaches the nearest of those points, he must from time to time choose fresh ones in the original direction, which he will by this means preserve, never having fewer than two such points to move upon. If no object in the true line can be ascertained, his own squareness of the person must determine the direction of march.
Page 48 - If the relief takes place while advancing, the new skirmishers will run up in the same way, and pass briskly in front of the others ; the old skirmishers lie down till they are out of the enemy's fire, after which they close upon their supports as before.
Page 50 - ... intelligence of the enemy, and giving timely notice of his vicinity or approach, in order that the main body may have time to prepare for making, or repelling, an attack.
Page 54 - That the eye should be fixed steadfastly on the mark aimed at, and not on the barrel or foresight, which latter will be easily brought into the alignment if the eye is fixed as directed.
Page 50 - Petty officer's party on the road may then move on in single files, with a considerable interval between them, followed by as many files in succession from the Support as may be deemed expedient...
Page 52 - ... which is fitted a small wooden cup, or plug (vide Plate), which, by the force of the explosion of the charge, acts like a wedge,* and expands and enlarges the lower part of the bullet, making it fit the barrel SECTION OP tightly, and take the rifling, so that THEEOTIELD J

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