Ba Zi Jie Xi = A Talk on Rake Fist

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Sports & Recreation - 76 pages
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Ba Zi (Rake) or Ba Ji (Eight Extremes) Quan (fist) is known to be straightforward and powerful. However, not a lot of books were written about the style. In author's previous book, the technical fighting methods (Ji Fa) were discussed. There are Ding (Push), Bao (Enclose), Ti (Rise), Dang (Single strike), Kua (Hip) and Chan (Entanglement). The eight methods of hand techniques (Shou Fa) (Recitation or Kou Jue) were mentioned. They are Yi Cun (Inch), Er Guo (Wrap), San Ti (Rise), Si Kua (Hip), Wu Chuo (Stab), Liu Luo (Grab and pull), Qi Yin (Hardness) and Ba Shuai (Throw). In this book, the basic forms (Xing) and stances (Bu) are explained. The methods (Fa) of using the hand (Shou), wrist (Wan), elbow (Zhou), hip (Kua), knee (Xi) and foot (Jiao) are illustrated with some examples. Some of the classical moves of the style are explained and illustrated with over 60 images. The concept of a posture (Shi) or a sequence of moves is also explained. For people that is new to the style. This book will be a good introduction book to start. For people that are learning or practicing the style for some time, this book is a good source for review and note taking. It is recommended that the reader also consult the previous book on the style. "The Treasure Book of Chinese Martial Arts Vol. I" Ba Ji means the attacks coming from the 4 fronts and 4 corners or all directions. There are attacks from the high, mid and low levels or San Pan Lian Ji. This book is a good guide to appreciate why and how to do attacks from 3 levels and all directions. And of course, how to defend against these moves are also explained. Have fun in study and practice with the teacher.

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