Appletons' Railroad and Steamboat Companion: Being a Travellers' Guide Through the United States of America, Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia ...

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D. Appleton, 1849 - British America - 313 pages
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Page 210 - The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven, the lightnings lightened the world : the earth trembled and shook. Thy way is in the sea, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known.
Page 203 - Its waters, which are elevated 670 feet above the ocean, are very deep, beantifully clear, and contain a variety of excellent fish. The Burning Spring is situated in a ravine, on the w. side of Bristol, eight miles s. E. from Canandaigua. The gas rises, through fissures of slate-rock, from the margin and bed of a brook : where it passes through the water it is in bubbles...
Page 56 - ... backed the rolling mass for a moment, until it separated into two streams, one of which rushed down by the north end of the house, crushing the barn, and spreading itself over the meadow ; the other passing down on the south side, and swallowing up the unfortunate beings, who probably attempted to fly to a shelter, which, it is said, had been erected a few rods distant. This shelter, whatever it might have been, was completely overwhelmed : rocks weighing 10 to 50 tons being scattered about the...
Page 137 - Revolution, rattle were driven from the Hook to the island, then separated by a narrow and shallow passage called Buttermilk Channel, which is now wide and deep enough for the passage of merchant vessels of the largest size. Brooklyn was incorporated as a village in April, 1806, and as a city, with greatly extended limits, on the 8th of April, 1834. It is divided into nine wards, and is governed by a mayor and a board of 18 aldermen, two from each ward, annually elected. The population of Brooklyn...
Page 180 - Macomb, with about 3,000 men, mostly undisciplined, foiled the repeated assanlts of the enemy ; until the capture of the British fleet, after an action of two hours, obliged him to retire, with the loss of 2,500 men and a large portion of his baggage and ammunition. The American force, on the lake, of 86 guns and 820 men, was opposed to one of 95 guns and 1,050 men.
Page 244 - For the use of a hackney coach or carriage, by the hour, with one or more passengers, with the privilege of going from place to place, and stopping as often as may be required, one dollar an hour.
Page 303 - ... is not less than five miles in a line parallel with the river ; and extending perpendicularly to it, from a quarter to three quarters of a mile ; and to the Bayou St. John, two miles. The view of the city from the river, in ascending or descending, is beautiful.
Page 232 - Boston in the extent of its commerce, it yields to none in the Union in the wealth, industry, and intelligence of its citizens. Philadelphia has the advantage of a double port, connected with very remote sections; that on the Schuylkill is accessible to vessels of 300 tons, and is the great depot for the coal of the interior ; the other on the Delaware admits the largest merchant vessels to the doors of the warehouses, and is spacious and secure. The streets are broad and straight, crossing each...
Page 132 - For conveying a passenger any distance exceeding a mile, and within two miles, seventy-five cents ; and for every additional passenger, thirty -'•vii and a half cents.
Page 23 - In 1842, the French government resolved that a system of railways should be planned and executed. With this view, it was determined that from Paris as a centre, main branch lines should issue...

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