Ancient Man in America: Including Works in Western New York, and Portions of Other States, Together with Structures in Central America

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The author, 1880 - America - 276 pages

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Page 111 - Look on its broken arch, its ruin'd wall, Its chambers desolate, and portals foul : Yes, this was once Ambition's airy hall, The dome of Thought, the palace of the Soul...
Page 74 - My bane and antidote, are both before me. This in a moment brings me to an end; But this informs me I shall never die. The soul, secured in her existence, smiles At the drawn dagger, and defies its point. The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and Nature sink in years, But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the war of elements, The wreck of matter, and the crush of worlds.
Page 73 - Of these savage heroes of the Cross, Tancred alone betrayed some sentiments of compassion ; yet we may praise the more selfish lenity of Raymond, who granted a capitulation and safe conduct to the garrison of the citadel.
Page 124 - Hers was the first dry land lifted out of the waters, hers the first shore washed by the ocean that enveloped all the earth beside; and while Europe was represented only by islands rising here and there above the sea, America already stretched an unbroken line of land from Nova Scotia to the Far West...
Page 91 - Clime of the unforgotten brave ! Whose land from plain to mountain cave Was Freedom's home, or Glory's grave ! Shrine of the mighty ! can it be That this is all remains of thee ? Approach...
Page 73 - A bloody sacrifice was offered by his mistaken votaries to the God of the Christians ; resistance might provoke, but neither age nor sex could mollify, their implacable rage ; they indulged themselves three days in a promiscuous massacre ; and the infection of the dead bodies produced an epidemic disease.
Page 267 - Among the great deeds of Athens, of which recollection is preserved in our books, there is one which should be placed above all others. Our books tell that the Athenians destroyed an army which came across the Atlantic Sea, and insolently invaded Europe and Asia; for this sea was then navigable, and beyond the strait where you place the Pillars of Hercules there was an island larger than Asia (Minor) and Libya combined.
Page 73 - The holy sepulchre was now free; and the bloody victors prepared to accomplish their vow. Bareheaded and barefoot, with contrite hearts, and in an humble posture, they ascended the hill of Calvary, amidst the loud anthems of the clergy ; kissed the stone which had covered the Saviour of the world; and bedewed with tears of joy and penitence the monument of their redemption.
Page 46 - Fate wings with every wifh th' afflictive dart, Each, gift of nature, and each grace of art, With fatal heat impetuous courage glows, With fatal fweetnefs elocution flows, Impeachment flops the fpeaker's pow'rful breath, And reftlefs fire precipitates on death.
Page 267 - From this island one could pass easily to other islands, and from these to the Continent which lies around the interior sea. The sea on this side of the strait ( the Mediterranean of which we speak, resembles a harbor with a narrow entrance ; but there is a genuine sea, and the land which surrounds it is a veritable continent. In the Island of Atlantis reigned three kings with great and marvellous power.

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