Latin course. Second year. Key. First and second years

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Page 28 - HISTORICAL READER, BOOK III., for Standard V. England from Edward III. to the Revolution (1688). 60 Lessons in Prose and Poetry. Numerous Illustrations and Maps. *192 Pages. Price Is. 3d. HISTORICAL READER, BOOK IV., for Standard VI. England from 1688 to the present day. Maps and Illustrations...
Page 15 - ... the north), not only was the corn in the fields not ripe, but there was not in store a sufficiently large quantity even of fodder: besides he was unable to use the corn which he had conveyed in ships up the river Saone, because the Helvetii, from whom he was unwilling to retire had diverted their march from the Saone. The...
Page 28 - John lOd. Is. Od. The Tempest lOd. Is. Od. SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS can also be had without Notes, in Paper Covers, each Price ltd. ENGLISH CLASSICS.— Poems by Burns, Byron, Campbell, Coleridge, Cowper, Dryden, Goldsmith, Gray, Macaulay, Milton, Pope, Scott, Thomson, and Wordsworth, with Notes.
Page 25 - Lingones on the fourth day. while our men, having stopped for three days, both on account of the wounds of the soldiers and the burial of the slain, had not been able to follow them. Caesar sent letters and messengers to the Lingones with orders that they should not assist them with corn or with any thing else; for that if they should assist them, he would regard them in the same light as the Helvetii. After the three days...
Page 20 - Verudoctius held the chief place), to say "that it was their intention to march through the Province without doing any harm, because they had" according to their own representations, "no other route: that they requested, they might be allowed to do so with his consent.
Page 28 - SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS FOR SCHOOLS. With Copious Notes, Examination Papers, and Plan of Preparation. As You LIKE IT... cloth, price 1 0 KING LEAR.
Page 28 - Macbeth lOd. Is. Od. Henry V lOd. Is. Od. Merchant of Venice lOd. Is. Od. Henry VIII... lOd. Is. Od. Richard II. lOd. Is. Od. Julius Ciesar...
Page 20 - Let him remember both the old disaster of the Roman people, and the former valour of the Helvetii.
Page 25 - Within the next few days the Helvetii, induced by the want of all things, sent ambassadors to him about a surrender.
Page 17 - They are enclosed on one side by the river Rhine, very broad and very deep, which divides the Helvetian territory from the Germans.

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