The campaign of General Scott, in the valley of Mexico

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Moore & Anderson, 1852 - Mexican War, 1846-1848 - 367 pages

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Page 98 - Of course, there was but one thing to be done, and that was, to haul down the French flag and hoist my own, which was done in an instant, when we mutually hailed.
Page 300 - After so many victories, we might, with but little additional loss, have occupied the capital the same evening. But Mr. Trist, commissioner, &c., as Well as myself, had been admonished by the best friends of peace — intelligent neutrals and some American residents — against precipitation ; lest, by wantonly driving away the government and others, dishonored, we might scatter the elements of peace, excite a spirit of national desperation, and thus indefinitely postpone the hope of accommodation.
Page 318 - Moncey could hardly have expected to succeed against the town of Valencia ; for, to use Napoleon's words, " a city with eighty thousand inhabitants, barricadoed streets, and artillery placed at the gates, cannot be TAKEN BY THE COLLAR.
Page 349 - Cosme gate (custom-house) between him and the great square in front of the cathedral and palace — the heart of the city ; and that barrier, it was known, could not, by daylight, resist our siege guns thirty minutes.
Page 350 - The capital, however, was not taken by any one or two corps, but by the talent, the science, the gallantry, the prowess of this entire army. In the glorious...
Page 305 - SIR : — Too much blood has already been shed in this unnatural war between the two great republics of this continent.
Page 248 - ... to the same two coteries. False credit may, no doubt, be obtained at home by such despicable self-puffings, and malignant exclusion of others ; but at the expense of the just esteem and consideration of all honorable officers who love their country, their profession, and the truth of history.
Page 32 - The accompanying papers will show the proceedings and results. " Yesterday, after the norther had abated, and the commissioners appointed by me early the morning before, had again met those appointed by General Landero, Commodore Perry sent ashore his second in command, Captain Aulick, as a commissioner on the part of the navy. Although not included in my specific arrangement made with the Mexican Commander, I did not hesitate, with proper courtesy, to desire that Captain Aulick might be duly introduced...
Page 371 - With an Appendix, containing Directions for the Cultivation of the Strawberry. By N.
Page 348 - ... the bar and pick, and to the utter surprise and consternation of the enemy, opening upon him, within easy range, a destructive fire of musketry.

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