The New Hampshire Reports, Volume 70

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Josiah B. Sanborn, 1901 - Law reports, digests, etc
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Page 319 - ... a writ or summons issued in the course of judicial proceedings; 16. Words and phrases must be construed according to the context and the approved usage of the language; but technical words and phrases, and such others as may have acquired a peculiar and appropriate meaning in law, must be construed according to such peculiar and appropriate meaning; 17.
Page 375 - A verdict is not to be set aside for the reason that counsel urged the jury to draw from admitted or established facts an unwarranted inference. Such an argument is merely an erroneous statement of the law. Whether the inference can properly be drawn is a question of law. Whether, if it lawfully may, it shall be drawn, is for the jury. * * * It is the duty of the court to instruct the jury upon the law, and of the jury to obey the instructions. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, it is presumed...
Page 238 - No person shall be disqualified as a witness in any civil or criminal case or proceeding by reason of his interest in the event of the same as a party or otherwise...
Page 516 - To declare what the law Is, or has been, is a Judicial power; to declare what the law shall be, is legislative. One of the fundamental principles of all our governments is that the legislative power shall be separate from the Judicial.
Page 547 - Salk. 160., for the product of or substitute for the original thing still follows the nature of the thing itself, as long as it can be ascertained to be such, and the right only ceases when the means of ascertainment fail, which is the case when the subject is turned into money, and mixed and confounded in a general mass of the same description.
Page 241 - In general, a sum of money, in gross, to be paid for the nonperformance of an agreement, is considered as a penalty, the legal operation of which is to cover the damages which the party, in whose favor the stipulation is made, may have sustained from the breach of contract by the opposite party.
Page 294 - No person shall address any offensive, derisive or annoying word to any other person who is lawfully in any street or other public place, nor call him by any offensive or derisive name...
Page 162 - ... that which the law declares to be a legal tender, or which is by common consent considered and treated as money, and passes as such at par.
Page 323 - Every town shall establish and maintain, with or without forming districts, a sufficient number of public schools, and towns may at any legal meeting grant and vote such sums of money as they shall judge necessary for the support of schools...
Page 414 - ... to impose and levy proportional and reasonable assessments, rates and taxes, upon all the inhabitants of, and persons resident, and estates lying, within the said Commonwealth ; and also to impose and levy reasonable duties and excises upon any produce, goods, wares, merchandise, and commodities whatsoever, brought into, produced, manufactured, or being within the same...

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