a genealogy of the leavenworth family in the united states

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Great resource for genealogy search!! Very helpful and great detail, even listed his errors in the back!

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Page 225 - Possessions vanish, and opinions change, And Passions hold a fluctuating seat : But, by the storms of circumstance unshaken, And subject neither to eclipse nor wane, Duty exists ; — immutably survive, For our support, the measures and the forms, Which an abstract Intelligence supplies; Whose kingdom is, where Time and Space are not...
Page 257 - SYRACUSE. JOSHUA FORMAN. — To give any thing like a perfect biographical notice of this distinguished individual, would require a person more familiar with his public acts, more intimate with occurrences which transpired at the period in which he was most active, and one who knew better the public worth and private excellence of his character than the author. But as he, for a period of more than a quarter of a century, was a leader in the affairs of this county, and became identified with all the...
Page 265 - His maps, plots and field books, deposited in the Surveyor General's Office, show him to be a man of great accuracy, and his accompanying remarks, the sagacity and penetration of his mind. It was as an engineer that he became most known to the public, and it was as such that he did the State most service. The project of connecting the waters of Lake Erie with the Hudson River, became an important one. Mr. Weston, a celebrated engineer from England, had examined the Oswego River, and other water courses,...
Page 249 - ... completing and arranging the said collection of specimens in the old state hall, and doing any work connected therewith he may deem necessary. * * * * * * • CHAPTER 360, LAWS OF 1850. AN ACT to provide for the completion of the Geological Survey of the state. Sec. 1. The Secretary of State is hereby authorized and directed to take charge of all the matters appertaining to the prosecution and publication of the geological survey of the state. Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the secretary of...
Page 140 - Lovely women are our daughters, And our sons are noble men !" We have had our time of sorrow, And our time of anxious fears, When we could not see the mile-stones Through the blindness of our tears. In the sunny summer country, Far behind us, little May, Then darling Willie, too, grew weary, And we left them on the way. Are you looking backward, mother, That you stumble in the snow? I am still your guide and staff, dear, Lean your weight upon me, so.
Page 332 - ... to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand and seal, the day and year above written.
Page 258 - Onondago county, proposed a concurrent resolution, to direct a survey to be made of the " most eligible and direct route for a canal from the Hudson River to Lake Erie.
Page 140 - No more dangers to encounter, No more hills to climb, true friend ; Nothing now but simple walking, Till we reach our journey's end. We have had our time of gladness ; Twas a proud and happy day — Ah ! the proudest of our journey — When we felt that we could say Of the children God had given, Looking fondly on the ten, "Lovely women are our daughters, And our sons are noble men...
Page 140 - City Of the King that we adore. I can see the shining spires ; And the King,— the King, my dear! We have served him long and humbly, He will bless us, do not fear ! Ah!
Page 291 - ... badly burned, he would doubtless have done had he left the child behind — was sufficient to convince the dullest intellect that the child was secure; and it was very soon ascertained that the object of search was safe in a neighboring house. No wonder, then, that this noble animal endeared himself to all who knew him; and those who knew him best loved him the most. For fourteen years Lion continued his noble and useful career as public benefactor, as friend and companion to the firemen, and...

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