Pioneer Roads and Experiences of Travelers, Volume 1; Volume 11

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A.H. Clark, 1904 - Kentucky
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Page 121 - And as she was going to fetch it, he called to her, and said, bring me, I pray thee, a morsel of bread in thine hand. And she said, As the LORD thy God liveth, I have not a cake, but an handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse : and, behold, I am gathering two sticks, that I may go in arid dress it for me and my son, that we may eat it, and die.
Page 169 - To avoid these evils it appears to me that the most safe, just, and federal disposition which could be made of the surplus revenue would be its apportionment among the several States according to their ratio ot representation, and should this measure not be found warranted by the Constitution that it would be expedient to propose to the States an amendment authorizing it.
Page 63 - ... escape the wet and dirt, which on horseback they cannot avoid ; whereas, in two or three journeys on horseback, these clothes and hats were wont to be spoiled. Which done, they were forced to have new very often, and that increased the consumption of the manufactures, and the employment of the manufacturers, which travelling in coaches doth no way do.
Page 107 - there is at present but one turnpike road on the continent, which is between Lancaster and Philadelphia, a distance of sixty-six miles, and is a masterpiece of its kind; it is paved with stone the whole way, and overlaid with gravel, so that it is never obstructed during the most severe season.
Page 158 - Provided always, That the rates of ferriage at such ferries shall from time to time be ascertained by any two of the judges of the territory Northwest of the river Ohio, or such other authority as shall be appointed for that purpose.
Page 167 - March last, directing the Secretary of the Treasury to subscribe, in the name and for the use of the United States, for one thousand five hundred shares of the capital stock...
Page 171 - I have given to its provisions all the reflection demanded by a just regard for the interests of those of our fellow-citizens who have desired its passage, and by the respect which is due to a coordinate branch of the Government, but I am not able to view it in any other light than as a measure of purely local character...
Page 157 - And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the President of the United States, or such person as he shall empower for that purpose, to employ such part of the land or naval forces of the United States, or of the militia thereof, as shall be necessary to compel any foreign ship or vessel to depart the United States, in all cases in which, by the laws of nations or the treaties of the United States, they...
Page 172 - If it be the wish of the people that the construction of roads and canals should be conducted by the federal government, it is not only highly expedient, but indispensably necessary, that a previous amendment of the constitution, delegating the necessary power, and defining and restricting its exercise with reference to the sovereighty of the states, should be made.

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