Man and His Bodies

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Theosophical Publishing Society, 1896 - Theosophy - 120 pages
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Page 115 - To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour. SECOND. — To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science. THIRD. — To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man.
Page 43 - ... often so dense that the outline of the physical body is almost lost in it ; whereas that of an advanced man is fine, clear, luminous and bright in colour, a really beautiful object. In such a case the lower passions have been dominated, and the selective action of the mind has refined the astral matter. By thinking nobly, then, we purify the astral body, even without having consciously worked towards that end. And be it remembered that this inner working exercises a * This separation of the "aura...
Page 40 - Everyone is constantly working through the astral body, but comparatively few work in it separated from the physical. Without the general action through the astral body there would be no connection between the external world and the mind of man, no connection between impacts made on the physical senses and the perception of them by the mind. The impact becomes a sensation in the astral body, and is then perceived by the mind. The astral body, in which are the centres of sensation, is often spoken...
Page 5 - INTRODUCTION So much confusion exists as to consciousness and its vehicles, the man and the garments that he wears, that it seems expedient to place before theosophical students a plain statement of the facts so far as they are known to us. We have reached a point in our studies at which much that was at first obscure has become clear, much that was vague has become definite, much that was accepted as theory has become matter of first-hand knowledge. It is therefore possible to arrange ascertained...
Page 49 - ... regards the astral body ; when he is awake, the astral activities— the changing colours and so on — all manifest themselves in and immediately around the physical body ; but when he is asleep a separation has occurred, and we see the physical body — the dense body and the etheric double — lying by themselves on the bed, while the astral body is floating in the air above them.* If the person we are studying is one of mediocre development, the astral body when separated from the physical...
Page 38 - ... matter currents of Jiva surround, sustain, nourish every particle of physical matter, these currents of Jiva giving rise not only to what are popularly called vital forces, but also to all electrical, magnetic, chemical, and other energies, attraction, cohesion, repulsion, and the like, all of which are differentiations of the One Life in which universes swim as fishes in the sea. From the astral world, thus intimately interpenetrating the physical, Jiva passes to the ether of the latter, which...
Page 50 - before referred to. for that purpose, it will be seen that when the physical body goes to sleep and the astral body slips out of it, we have the man himself before us in full consciousness ; the astral body is clearly outlined and definitely organized, bearing the likeness of the man, and the man is able to use it as a vehicle — a vehicle far more convenient than the physical. He is wide awake, and is working far more actively, more accurately, with greater power of comprehension, than when he...
Page 33 - ... body shrivelled perceptibly ; and that the same phenomenon has been observed with Mr. Husk, whose dense body became too reduced to fill out his clothes. Mr. Eglinton's body once was so diminished in size that a materialized form carried it out and presented it for the inspection of the sitters — one of the few cases in which both medium and materialized form have been visible together in light sufficient to allow of examination.
Page 38 - All physical atoms have their astral envelopes, the astral matter thus forming what may be called the matrix of the physical, the physical being embedded in the astral. The astral matter serves as a vehicle for Jiva, the One Life animating all, and by means of the astral matter currents of Jiva surround, sustain, nourish every particle of physical matter, these currents of Jiva giving rise not only to what are popularly called vital forces, but also to all electrical, magnetic, chemical, and other...
Page 80 - Ego nor by ordinary passional or mental faults ; to effect injury so far-reaching the Ego must be highly evolved, and must have its energies potent on the manasic plane. Therefore is it that ambition, pride, and the powers of the intellect used for selfish aims are so far more dangerous, so far more deadly in their effects, than the more palpable faults of the lower nature, and the " Pharisee " is often further from the " kingdom of God " than " the publican and the sinner ". Along this line is developed...

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