Defending the Faith Series: Catholicism Vs. Fundamentalist Christianity

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AuthorHouse, Nov 14, 2008 - Religion - 100 pages
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This is the first in a powerful new series of "How To" books called "Defending The Faith Series - Catholicism vs. Fundamentalist Christianity." It shows you step-by-step how to crush the accusation made by Fundamentalist Christians that Purgatory does not exist and calling a Priest by the title of Father is wrong. When you present this biblical evidence to Fundamentalist Christians, they will walk away in solemn defeat, seriously questioning their own Fundamentalist journey of faith, while former Catholics will begin their journey home to the Catholic Church. This book is analytical, hard-hitting, painfully honest, and provocative. With indisputable evidence, the author does a superb job in accurately undermining the basis of the Fundamentalist argument.

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About the author (2008)

   Robert Joseph Stevens is a prolific new writer on the religious scene and uniquely qualified to teach Catholics how to defend their faith. His books and methods will influence Catholics worldwide for many years to come. He is analytical, hard hitting, persuasive, and painfully honest.


   He was born and raised Catholic until age nineteen, when he was converted to Fundamentalist Christianity through the twisting and misuse of the Holy Bible by well-meaning Fundamentalists. He spent the next 25 years of his adult life in Fundamentalist Christianity; much of that time was devoted to ‘bashing’ Catholics and easily converting them to Fundamentalism.


   It was the Bible itself, combined with God working through a handful of loving, faithful Protestants, which ultimately led him out of Fundamentalist Christianity. While Robert is eternally grateful for his experience in Fundamentalism, he does have some distinct theological differences with his Fundamentalist brethren, and would like to set the record straight and right some of the wrongs that were done.


   Only a former Fundamentalist that knows the gritty details of how to persuade Catholics their faith is all wrong, can develop and teach the counter-methods required to effectively prevent that from happening to other Catholics and their families. Robert Joseph Stevens is that person, and has that ‘know-how’.


   In 2009 and 2010, more books are being planned by Mr. Stevens; addressing the many myths and misunderstandings that Fundamentalists have about Catholicism, as well as addressing and exposing the shortcomings and biblical inconsistencies of Fundamentalist Christianity.

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