A History of Chile

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C. H. Sergel, 1893 - Chile - 451 pages

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Page 417 - The territory of Chile extends from the Desert of Atacama to Cape Horn, and from the mountain chain of the Andes to the Pacific Ocean, and includes the archipelago of Chiloe, all the adjacent islands, and those of Juan Fernandez.
Page 465 - THE CONFESSION OF A CHILD OF THE CENTURY. By ALFRED DE MUSSET. 16mo, cloth, $1.50. " The whole book abounds in passages of the greatest eloquence and beauty, in pithy and pregnant sentences which condense great observation and knowledge of human nature, in chapters which are perfect poems of fancy and tenderness, and interrupt the chant of the narrative like strains of soft music.
Page 362 - First. That the assault is not relieved of the aspect which the early information of the event gave to it, viz, that of an attack upon the uniform of the United States Navy having its origin and motive in a feeling of hostility to this Government, and not in any act of the sailors or of any of them.
Page 437 - These five councilors last named shall be appointed by' the President of the Republic. The council shall be presided over by the President of the Republic, or in his absence by its own vice-president, who shall be elected annually from among its members, and may be reelected.
Page 432 - Republic is entrusted with the administration of the government of the State; and his authority extends to everything that has for its object the preservation of public order...
Page 433 - To declare war with the prior authorization of law. 16) To maintain political relations with foreign powers, receive their agents, admit their consuls, conduct negotiations, make preliminary stipulations, conclude and sign all treaties of peace, alliance, truce, neutrality, commerce, concordats and other conventions. Treaties before their ratification must be presented for the approval of Congress. The discussion and deliberations on these matters shall be in secret if the President of the Republic...
Page 37 - Puss in Boots," and " The Xenia " by Goethe and Schiller. With Critical Introductions and Explanatory Notes ; to which is added an Appendix of Specimens of German Prose, from the Middle of the Sixteenth to the Middle of the Nineteenth Centuries.
Page 203 - We may be permitted. in honor to the country, to pass silently the occurrences which took place within the house on that day. They were such, that the undersigned, abandoning all hope of a central assembly, declared their absolute separation, and retired to communicate it to their constituents, and resolved, unanimously, to notify the executive, recommending to him the public peace, so greatly disturbed. Our object in this short exposition, is to prevent the astonishment of those who, without a knowledge...
Page 417 - Justice and Crime. There are, in addition to a High Court of Justice in the capital, six Courts of Appeal, Courts of First Instance in the departmental capitals, and subordinate courts in the districts.
Page 417 - The religion of the Republic of Chile is the Apostolic Roman Catholic to the exclusion of the public exercise of every other.

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