The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Other Parts Adjacent, Volume 2

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Page 453 - Thames ! the most loved of all the ocean's sons By his old sire, to his embraces runs, Hasting to pay his tribute to the sea, Like mortal life to meet eternity. Though with those streams he no resemblance hold, Whose foam is amber, and their gravel gold: His genuine and less guilty wealth t...
Page 76 - Majesty to give the answer to a late humble address, remonstrance, and petition, of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Livery of the city of London, in Common Hall assembled, is were negatived, and a previous question put on all the rest.
Page 453 - O could I flow like thee, and make thy stream My great example, as it is my theme ! Though deep, yet clear; though gentle, yet not dull; Strong without rage, without o'erflowing full.
Page 54 - ... with the freedom of the city of London, in a gold box, which I am sorry that I have forgotten to bring with me.
Page 2 - Orange should be declared King and Queen of England...
Page 453 - But free and common as the sea or wind : When he to boast or to disperse his stores, Full of the tributes of his grateful shores, Visits the world, and in his flying towers Brings home to us, and makes both Indies ours ; Finds wealth where 'tis, bestows it where it wants, Cities in deserts, woods in cities, plants.
Page 432 - Heavens ! what a goodly prospect spreads around, Of hills, and dales, and woods, and lawns, and spires, And glittering towns, and gilded streams, till all The stretching landscape into smoke decays...
Page 78 - ... public, as well as to myself, if I had not expressed my dissatisfaction at the late address. My sentiments on that subject continue the same; and I should ill deserve to be considered as the Father of my people if I...
Page 339 - The Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of Goldsmiths of the City of London.
Page 115 - ... a pretended general convention of the people, in contempt and defiance of the authority of parliament, and on principles subversive of the existing laws and constitution, and directly tending to the introduction of that system of anarchy and confusion which has fatally prevailed in France...

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