Review: Polar Shift: A Novel From the NUMA Files

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NUMA is the National Underwater and Marine Agency, founded by Clive Cussler in 1979. This is a real organization, dedicated to the discovery and study of shipwreck artifacts, as well as a fictional one. The fictional NUMA is a kind of super special operations agency solving crises at sea. The word "swashbuckling" comes up a lot. This adventure centers on the work of Laszlo Kovacs, a brilliant ... Read full review

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Clive Cussler is rapidly becoming another of my favorite book authors joining the ranks of Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. In fact, just saw a movie entitled Sahara which is based on the book by Cussler. Anyway, Polar Shift is the unabridged audio book that I just finished. Yes, written by Cussler.<br/><br/>The book starts with the sinking of a passenger boat full of people escaping from Germany during WWII. The next action is the sinking in a whirlpool of a massive state-of-the-art modern cargo container ship. From that point it gets interesting... Let's see, did I mention that the world might end if the bad guys have their way?<br/><br/>Wonderful book, a pleasure to listen too with a clear and easy story line to follow. Cussler Strikes Again!<br/> 

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