Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

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Charles Dickens
Macmillan and Company, limited, 1907 - Boarding schools - 786 pages
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Page 14 - United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company...
Page 85 - And yet this scene, painful as it was, had its grotesque features, which in a less interested observer than Nicholas might have provoked a smile. Mrs. Squeers stood at one of the desks, presiding over an immense basin of brimstone and treacle, of which delicious compound she administered a large...
Page xxii - Traders in the avarice, indifference, or imbecility of parents, and the helplessness of children; ignorant, sordid, brutal men, to whom few considerate persons would have entrusted the board and lodging of a horse or a dog...
Page 87 - A beast, sir," replied the boy. "So it is," said Squeers. "Ain't it, Nickleby?" "I believe there is no doubt of that, sir," answered Nicholas. "Of course there isn't,
Page 146 - Squeers, striking his head against it in his descent, lay at his full length on the ground, stunned and motionless. Having brought affairs to this happy termination, and ascertained to his thorough satisfaction that Squeers was only stunned, and not dead (upon which point he had had...
Page 557 - I believe you," added Mr. Squeers, with a moral sigh. " I should like to know how we should ever get on without her. Natur," said Mr. Squeers solemnly, " is more easier conceived than described. Oh, what a blessed thing, sir, to be in a state of natur...
Page 300 - Then you are acquainted with as much talent as was ever compressed into one young person's body," retorted Mr. Crummies, rolling up the bills again ; " that is, talent of a certain sort — of a certain sort. ' The Blood Drinker,' " added Mr. Crummies with a prophetic sigh, " ' The Blood Drinker ' will die with that girl ; and she's the only sylph / ever saw, who could stand upon one leg, and play the tambourine on her other knee, like a sylph.
Page 248 - Poor Madame Mantalini wrung her hands for grief, and rung the bell for her husband ; which done, she fell into a chair and a fainting fit simultaneously. The professional gentlemen, however, were not at all discomposed by this event, for Mr. Scaley, leaning upon a stand on which a handsome dress was displayed (so that his shoulders appeared above it in nearly the same manner as the shoulders of the lady...
Page 626 - Down poured the wine like oil on blazing fire. And still the riot went on. The debauchery gained its height ; glasses were dashed upon the floor by hands that could not carry them to lips ; oaths were shouted out by lips which could scarcely form the words to vent them in ; drunken losers cursed and roared ; some mounted on the tables, waving bottles above their heads, and bidding defiance to the rest ; some danced, some sang, some toro the cards and raved.
Page 86 - When he has learned that bottinney means a knowledge of plants, he goes and knows 'em. That's our system, Nickleby; what do you think of it?" " It's a very useful one, at any rate,

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