A Little Country Girl

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Roberts Brothers, 1885 - Bashfulness - 285 pages
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Page 76 - ... covering a wide range of things for girls to make, but giving most space to details of home decoration and furnishing. More up-to-date than Beard's What a girl can make and do and also better suited to older girls. Literature Collections If old tales were true and the gift-conferring fairies really came round a baby's bed, each with a present in her hand, I think out of all they could bestow, I should choose, for any child in whom I was interested, these two things, a quick sense of humor and...
Page 285 - A GUERNSEY LILY; or, How the Feud was Healed. A Story of the Channel Islands. Profusely Illustrated.
Page 286 - OVERTHEWAY'S REMEMBRANCES. Ten illustrations. i6mo. Cloth. 50 cts. A Series of Short Stories which are supposed to be told by a nice old lady to a little girl invalid. JACKANAPES, and Other Tales. Comprising " Jackanapes," " Daddy Darwin's Dovecot," and "The Story of a Short Life.
Page 77 - Winds may blow and skies may rain, fortune may prove unkind, days may be lonely and evenings dull ; but for the true lover of reading there is always at hand this great company of companions and friends, — the wisest, the gentlest, the best, — never too tired or too busy to talk with him, ready at all moments to give their thought, their teaching, to help, instruct, and entertain. They never disappoint, they have no moods or tempers, they are always at home, — in all of which respects they...
Page 288 - DOROTHY AND ANTON. A Sequel to " Dear Daughter Dorothy." Illustrated by the author. Square I2mo .... i.oo BETTY, A BUTTERFLY. Illustrated by the author. Square I2mo . . . i.oo THE LITTLE SISTER OF WILIFRED. A Story. Illustrated by the author. Square I2mo, i.oo ROBIN'S RECRUIT. Illustrated by the author. Square I2mo . . . . i.oo PENELOPE PRIG AND OTHER STORIES. Illustrated by the author. Square I2mo . . . i.oo RAGS AND VELVET GOWNS. Illustrated by the author. Square I2mo, cloth back, paper sides 50...
Page 193 - NewV port, with its whirl and glitter, seemed immeasurably far away. The Paradise Valley might to all appearance have been hidden in the heart of the Alleghanies, instead of being within three miles of the gayest wateringplace in America ! Mrs. Gray, with accustomed feet, led the way straight across the glade to where an old cedar-tree stood commanding the oceanward view, with a square block of stone at its foot. " This is where we used always to come,
Page 77 - ... things time may play sad tricks ; but to life's end the power to see the droll side of events is an unfailing cheer, and so long as eyes and ears last, books furnish a world of interest and escape whose doors stand always open.
Page 62 - ... recollect where she was. Then it all came back to her, and she was again conscious of the uncomfortable sensations of the night before.
Page 114 - The instinct of self-control, of gentleness, of consideration and forethought and quick sympathy, which go to make up what we call good breeding ; the absence of noise and hurry, the thousand and one little ways by which we can please people, or avoid displeasing them, — are all taught us by our own hearts.
Page 194 - She took a bright little copper kettle from one of the baskets, and mounted the hill with elastic footsteps, calling out, as she went, — " Make haste, and be sure that the sticks are dry.

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