The Boston Public Latin School. 1635-1880

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M. King, 1880 - 24 pages
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Page 16 - ... impromptu epigram written by Joseph Green, Esqr., and sent to Mr. Lovell in the School, when it was announced that the town had agreed to grant permission to the proprietors of King's Chapel to take down the old house. A fig for your learning: I tell you the Town, To make the church larger, must pull the school down. Unluckily spoken, replied Master BirchThen learning, I fear, stops the growth of the Church.
Page 9 - Schollars, and to Inquire of their Proficiency, and be present at the performance of Some of their Exercises, the Master being before notified of their comeing, And with him to Consult and Advise of further Methods for...
Page 5 - shows that the establishment of this school is largely due to John Cotton, who brought to this country a knowledge of the High School which was founded by Philip and Mary in 1554 in Boston, in Lincolnshire, England, in which Latin and Greek were taught.
Page 12 - Introduction. In the fourth year, the fourth form, as well as the fifth and sixth, being furnished with desks, commenced "making Latin," as the phrase was, and to the books used by the third form Caesar's Commentaries were added. After this were read in succession by the three upper classes, Tully's Orations, the first books of the Aeneid, and the highest classes...
Page 9 - He was well Studied in the Body of Divinity : An Able Defender of the Faith and Order of the Gospel ; Notably Conversant and Acquainted with the Scriptural Prophecies ; And, by Consequence, A Sober Chiliast.
Page 7 - Roxbury (for maintenance whereof every inhabitant bound some house or land for a yearly allowance forever) and at Boston (where they made an order to allow forever 50 to the master and an house, and 30 to an usher, who should also teach to read and write and cipher, and Indian children were to be taught freely, and the charge to be by yearly contribution, either by voluntary allowance, or by rate of such as refused).
Page 6 - It being one chief project of satan, to keep men from the knowledge of the scriptures, as in former times, keeping them in unknown tongues, so in these latter times, by persuading from the use of tongues, that so at least the true sense and meaning of the original might be clouded and corrupted with false glosses of deceivers...
Page 19 - Latin-School boy, which was procured by the graduates of the school to honor those who had honored her, and especially to commemorate those who had fallen in defending their country. This statue represents the Alma Mater of the school, resting on a shield which bears the names of the dead heroes, and extending a laurel crown to those who returned from the war.
Page 8 - Venerable," says Governor Hutchinson in his History of Massachusetts, " not merely for his great age, 94. but for having been the schoolmaster of most of the principal gentlemen in Boston, who were then upon the stage." " He is not the only man," adds the Governor, " who kept his lamp longer lighted than otherwise it would have been, by a supply of oil from his scholars.
Page 22 - Robert C. Winthrop, Charles Francis Adams, George S. Hillard, Charles Sumner, William M. Evarts, and Charles Devens; such writers as Ralph Waldo Emerson and John Lothrop Motley, and divines as Right Rev. John B. Fitzpatrick, Roman-Catholic Bishop of Boston, Right Rev.

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