Blue Book of Cambridge for ...

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Advertiser Publishing Company, 1891 - Cambridge (Mass.)
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Page 19 - Instructions to Key Holders. Alarms to be given from the box nearest the location of the fire. Do not give an alarm for a fire seen at a distance, uniese assistance is called for.
Page 19 - To give an alarm, open the door, pull the hook to the bottom of the slot once, and let go. Each box contains a small bell. which, if heard before you pull, indicates that an alarm has been previously given, and by listening at the box...
Page 70 - Grillin 287 294 Mr. & Mrs. GW Abbot 298 Mr. & Mrs. William H. Wood 302 Mr. & Mrs. AM Lunt 304 Mrs. Alvin A. Merrill 289 JA Woodworth 306 Mr.
Page 78 - Mrs William James 99 Mr & Mrs Jabez Fox 103 Prof & Mrs Josiah Royce...
Page 15 - Adams, Master. Annie S. Dodge, Secretary. ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL. Broadway, between Trowbridge and Ellery streets. Ray Greene Huling, Head Master. Edwin L. Sargent, Master. Martha L. Babbitt, Secretary. RINDGE MANUAL TRAINING...
Page 35 - AGASSIZ STREET, No. Cambridge. The Misses Sias 33 Mr. & Mrs. Horace P. Blackman 30 Mr .&. Mrs. Edward L. Shaw Sum. res. Newcastle, NH 18 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Sargent 27 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Blackman 24 Mrs. Samuel S. Sias Miss JF Perry ALLSTON STREET, Cambridgeport.
Page 64 - Boxes to rent from $10.00 a year and upwards. These Vaults are above the level of the Street.
Page 82 - IÍ per Dozen. Not club pictures, but first-class photos ; warranted equal in finish and artistic lighting to any #7 pictures. CALL, AM
Page 67 - HAMMOND STREET, Cambridge. 54 Mr. & Mrs. Howard F. Peak 17 Prof. & Mrs. Henry B. Hill ART EMBROIDERY, Designing and Stamping.

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