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Page 266 - This section shall not apply to any contract of an independent or sub-contractor which is merely ancillary and incidental to, and is no part of or process in, the trade or business carried on by the subscriber...
Page 58 - ... where total or partial incapacity for work results from the injury, a weekly payment during the incapacity after the second week not exceeding fifty per cent, of his average weekly earnings during the previous twelve months, if he has been so long employed, but, if not, then for any less period during which he has been in the employment of the same employer, such weekly payment not to exceed one pound.
Page 265 - If it is proved that the injury to a workman is attributable to the serious and wilful misconduct of that workman, any compensation claimed in respect of that injury shall, unless the injury results in death or serious and permanent disablement, be disallowed.
Page 58 - ... under certain restrictions fixes the employer with liability to pay compensation to a workman physically injured, or to the dependants of a workman killed by accident arising out of and in the course of his employment. The restrictions are, that the employer is not liable for any injury (1) not disabling the workman for at least two weeks from earning full wages, or (2) attributable to the serious and wilful misconduct of the workman. There are also important limits to the amounts recoverable,...
Page 379 - ... only pure air. Experiments made upon this subject have shown that the velocity of diffusion of. different gases is inversely proportional to the square roots of their densities...
Page 322 - My first duty this evening is to thank you for the honour you have conferred upon me in electing me your President for the ensuing year.
Page 50 - I thank you for the honour you have conferred upon me, by "electing me President of this State. The post, itself, I do not ' ' think so great an honour, as the manner in which you have be'
Page 271 - To make an accident, or casualty, or as the law sometimes states it, inevitable accident, it must be such an accident as the defendant could not have avoided by the use of the kind and degree of care necessary to the exigency, and in the circumstances in which he was placed.
Page 2 - Lawn said he had great pleasure in proposing a vote of thanks to the President for his interesting address.
Page 254 - Taylor said that it was with great pleasure that he proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the President for his Address.

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