Report [for the Year Ending Dec. 31].

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Page 122 - Act, shall forfeit and pay to said city three times the amount of the damages assessed therefor, to be recovered in an action of tort; and on conviction of either of the wanton or malicious acts aforesaid, may...
Page 121 - Of the members of the commission first appointed one shall hold office for the term of one year, one for the term of two years, one for the term of three years, one for the term of four years, and one for the term of five years, from and after his appointment.
Page 106 - Thus, whether we examine the organic pollution of a river at different points of its flow, or the rate of disappearance of the organic matter of sewage when the latter is mixed with fresh water and violently agitated in contact with air, or finally the rate at which dissolved oxygen disappears in water polluted with 5 per cent, of sewage, we are led in each case to the inevitable conclusion that the oxidation of the organic matter in sewage...
Page 122 - The net surplus income and receipts, after deducting all expenses, interest, and charges of distribution, shall be set apart as a sinking fund, and applied solely to the payment of the principal of said bonds until the same are fully paid and discharged.
Page 122 - Said town may sell such securities at public or private sale, or pledge the same for money borrowed for the purposes of this act, and upon such terms and conditions as it may deem proper : provided, that such securities shall not be sold for less than the par value thereof.
Page 107 - ... we are led in each case to the inevitable conclusion that the oxidation of the organic matter in sewage proceeds with extreme slowness even when the sewage is mixed with a large volume of unpolluted water, and that it is impossible to say how far such water must flow before the sewage matter becomes thoroughly oxidized.
Page 28 - In building up the filtering-bed, provision is first made for the ready collection of the water by constructing upon the floor of the basin drains or channel-ways of stone or brick laid dry; then follows a layer of broken stone, the fragments being three or four inches in diameter.
Page 121 - ... to obstruct or impede travel thereon ; and may enter upon and dig up any such road, street or way for the purpose of...
Page 107 - I should say that it is simply impossible that the oxidizing power acting on sewage running in mixture with water over a distance of any length is sufficient to remove its noxious quality. I...
Page 110 - Burdon-Sanderson on vaccine matter render it well-nigh certain that no amount of dilution can destroy the power of infection which these poisons possess. From these experiments, it appears that if inoculation be performed with vaccine lymph after it has been very much diluted, the chance of the formation of pustules is rendered less, but when the vaccination is successful, the pustule formed presents its normal features and passes through the usual stages of development.

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