Medical Times, Volume 24

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J. Angerstein Carfrae, 1851

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Page 217 - ... compellable to give evidence, either viva voce or by deposition, according to the practice of the court, on behalf of either or any of the parties to the said suit, action, or other proceeding.
Page 217 - ... excluded by reason of incapacity from crime or interest from giving evidence, either in person or by deposition, according to the practice of the court, on the trial of any issue joined, or of...
Page 35 - In these wretched dwellings, all ages and all sexes, — fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, grown-up brothers and sisters, stranger adult males and females, and swarms of children, — the sick, the dying, and the dead, — are herded together with a proximity and mutual pressure which brutes would resist ; where it is physically impossible to preserve the ordinary decencies of life ; where all sense of propriety and self-respect must be lost, to be replaced only by a recklessness of demeanour,...
Page 244 - We looked at the apartments, sleeping-cells, dining-rooms, working-rooms, general courts or special and private: excellent all, the neplus-ultra of human care and ingenuity; in my life I never saw so clean a building; probably no Duke in England lives in a mansion of such perfect and thorough cleanness. The bread, the cocoa, soup, meat, all the various sorts of food, in their respective cooking-places, we tasted: found them of excellence superlative.
Page 244 - ... more prejudicial to the health of the inmates, from the still more defective ventilation of these dark and miserable abodes. At night the floor of these cellars — often the bare earth — is covered with straw, and there the lodgers — all who can afford to pay a penny for the accommodation — arrange themselves as best they may, until scarcely a single available inch of space is left unoccupied.
Page 184 - And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils : freely ye have received, freely give.
Page 103 - Caton, ou Pompée à César, pour tant d'affronts réciproques ? et le plus grand capitaine de la Grèce fut-il déshonoré pour s'être laissé menacer du bâton ? D'autres temps , d'autres...
Page 104 - MR. LIONEL J. BEALE, MRCS THE LAWS OF HEALTH IN THEIR RELATIONS TO MIND AND BODY. A Series of Letters from an Old Practitioner to a Patient. Post 8vo. cloth, 7a.
Page 224 - ... believe," and to be convinced of the cruel deception that has been played on us. No true lover of the ideal drama can really like to be taken behind the scenes of a theatre in order to see the rough mechanical detail, the carpenters, the irons, the traps, the painted mountains and the un-ideal cottages. " Surely the pleasure is as great in being cheated as to cheat...
Page 244 - The worst description of houses of this kind are kept by Irishmen, and they are resorted to by the migratory Irish, among others, who may perhaps not remain more than a night or two in the town, as well as by vagrants and vagabonds of all descriptions. In every room of such houses, with the exception of the kitchen or cooking-room, the floor is usually covered with bedsteads, each of which receives at night, as many human beings -as can ba crowded into it ; and this, too, often without distinction...

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