The Christian Church from the 1st to the 20th Century

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 Philip Schaff almost needs no introduction. He wrote one of the finest histories of the church.  His work, the History of the Christian Church, has become a benchmark on the subject. In his eight volume set he covers just about every issue concerning the church from the time of the Apostles through the Reformation. He incorporates discussion of ideas and principles throughout the history of the church. In this eBook all eight volumes are present and there is also a linked table of contents for every section. We have also labeled every section and chapter so that it will be easier to navigate through the volumes. This material has been carefully compared, corrected, and amended, according to the 1910 edition of Charles Scribner's Sons.

Here are the general titles of each of the volumes: 

Volume One



A.D. 1-100.

Volume II



A.D. 100-311 (325).

Volume III





Volume IV


From Gregory I to Gregory VII

A.D. 590-1073

Volume V


Volume VI



Volume VII


 1517 - 1648.

Volume VIII






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78 The Easter Cycle
The Time of Easter
Festivals of the Saints
The Calendar The Legends of the Saints Acta Sanctorum
Worship of Relics Dogma of the Resurrection
Observations on the Miracles of the Nicene
Processions and Pilgrimages
Public Worship of the Lords Day Scripture Reading and Preaching

Christianity in Europe
Uses of Church History
Duty of the Historian
Literature of Church History
From the Birth of Christ to the Death of St John A D 1
8 Central Position of Christ in the History of the World
Persecution of Christianity and Christian Martyrdom
The Church of Jerusalem and the Labors of Peter
26 The Peter of History and the Peter of Fiction
James the Brother of the Lord
Preparation for the Mission to the Gentiles
St Paul and the Conversion of the Gentiles 29 Sources and Literature on St Paul and his Work
Paul before his Conversion
The Conversion of Paul
The Work of Paul
Athanasius the Great
Pauls Missionary Labors
The Synod of Jerusalem and the Compromise between Jewish and Gentile Christianity
The Conservative Reaction and the Liberal Victory Peter and Paul at Antioch
Christianity in Rome
The Great Tribulation Mat 2421
The Jewish War and the Destruction of Jerusalem A D 70
Effects of the Destruction of Jerusalem on the Christian Church
St John and the Last Stadium of the Apostolic Period The Consolidation of Jewish and Gentile Christianity The Johannean Literature
Worship in the Apostolic Age 51 The Synagogue
Christian Worship
53 The Several Parts of Worship
83 The Festivals of Mary
41 Life and Character of John
Critical Review of the Johannean Problem
The Acts of the Apostles
The Epistles
The Catholic Epistles
The Epistles of Paul
The Epistles to the Thessalonians
The Epistles to the Corinthians
91 The Epistles to the Galatians
92 The Epistle to the Romans
The Epistles of the Captivity
The Epistle to the Colossians
95 The Epistle to the Ephesians
96 Colossians and Ephesians Compared and Vindicated
The Epistle to the Philippians
98 The Epistle to Philemon
The Pastoral Epistles
Catholic Orthodoxy
The Epistle to the Hebrews
The Apocalypse
Concluding Reflections Faith and Criticism
AnteNicene Christianity A D 100325
Introduction 1 General Literature on the AnteNicene
General Character of AnteNicene Christianity
Spread of Christianity
General Survey
Jewish Persecution
Causes of Roman Persecution
Condition of the Church Before the Reign of Trajan
The Reign of Trajan A D 98117 Martyrdom of Ignatius
Hadrian A D 117137
Persecutions under Marcus Aurelius A D 161180
From Septimius Severus to Philip the Arabian A D
Persecutions under Decius and Valerian A D 249
Temporary Repose A D 260303
The Edicts of Toleration A D 311313
Christian Martyrdom
Rise of the Worship of Martyrs and Relics
Literary Contest of Christianity With Judaism and Heathenism
The Epistle to Diognetus
Organization and Discipline of the Church 41 Progress in Consolidation 42 Clergy and Laity
New Church Officers
Origin of the Episcopate
Development of the Episcopate Ignatius
46 Episcopacy at the Time of Irenaeus and Tertullian 47 Cyprianic Episcopacy
The PseudoClementine Episcopacy
Beginnings of the Metropolitan and Patriarchal Systems
Germs of the Papacy
Chronology of the Popes
List of the Roman Bishops and Roman Emperors during the First Three Centuries
The Catholic Unity
55 The Councils of Elvira Arles and Ancyra
Collections of Ecclesiastical Law The Apostolic Constitutions and Canons
The Lords Supper
Catechetical Instruction and Confirmation 73 Infant Baptism
Heretical Baptism
Beginnings of Christian Art 75 Literature
Origin of Christian
The Cross and the Crucifix
78 Other Christian Symbols
Historical and Allegorical Pictures
Allegorical Representations of Christ
Pictures of the Virgin Mary
The Church in the Catacombs 82 Literature
Origin and History of the Catacombs
The Worship of Martyrs and Saints
84 Description of the Catacombs
Pictures and Sculptures
Lessons of the Catacombs
The Christian Life in Contrast with Pagan Corruption
Ascetic Virtue and Piety
Heretical and Catholic Asceticism
Voluntary Poverty 107 Voluntary Celibacy
Celibacy of the Clergy
Montanism 109 Literature
External History of Montanism
Character and Tenets of Montanism
The Law and the Prophecy 11 Heathenism
Nazarenes and Ebionites Elkesaites Mandaeans
The PseudoClementine Ebionism
Gnosticism The Literature
Meaning Origin and Character of Gnosticism
System of Gnosticism Its Theology
Ethics of Gnosticism 119 Cultus and Organization
Schools of Gnosticism
Simon Magus and the Simonians
The Nicolaitans 123 Cerinthus
The School of Valentinus Heracleon Ptolemy Marcos Bardesanes Harmonius
Marcion and his School
The Ophites The Sethites Peratae and Cainites 129 Saturninus Satornilos
Tatian and the Encratites
Justin the Gnostic 133 Hermogenes
Other Gnostic Sects 135 Mani and the Manichaeans
The Manichaean System
The Development of Catholic Theology
The Holy Scriptures and the Canon
Catholic Tradition
The Rule of Faith and the Apostles Creed
Variations of the Apostles Creed Tables
God and the Creation
Man and the Fall
Christ and the Incarnation 145 The Divinity of Christ
The Humanity of Christ
The Relation of the Divine and Human in Christ 148 The Holy Spirit
The Holy Trinity
The Alogi Theodotus Artemon Paul of Samosata
Other Doctrines
Eschatology Immortality and Resurrection
Between Death and Resurrection
After Judgment Future Punishment
Basil the Great
Sixtus of Rome
The Apologists Quadratus and Aristides
Justin the Philosopher and Martyr
The Other Greek Apologists Tatian
Theophilus of Antioch
Melito of Sardis
Apolinarius of Hierapolis Miltiades 179 Hermias
Dionysius of Corinth
Gregory of Nyssa 166 Gregory Nazianzen
From Constantine the Great to Gregory
Evils of the Union of Church and State Secularization of the Church
Worldliness and Extravagance
Byzantine CourtChristianity
Intrusion of Politics into Religion
The EmperorPapacy and the Hierarchy
Restriction of Religious Freedom and Persecution of Heretics
Sources and Literature 28 Origin of Christian Monasticism Comparison with Other Forms of Asceticism
Development of Monasticism
Nature and Aim of Monasticism
Monasticism and the Bible
Lights and Shades of Monastic Life
Position of Monks in the Church
Influence and Effect of Monasticism
Paul of Thebes and St Anthony
Spread of Anchoritism Hilarion 37 Symeon and the PillarSaints
Pachomius and the Cloister Life
Fanatical and Heretical Monastic Societies in the East
Monasticism in the West Athanasius Ambrose Augustine Martin of Tours
St Jerome as Monk
St Paula
Organization of the Hierarchy CountryBishops CityBishops and Metropolitans 55 The Patriarchs
Synodical Legislation on the Patriarchal Sees
The Rival Patriarchs of Old and New Rome
The Latin Patriarch
Conflicts and Conquests of the Latin Patriarchate
The Papacy
Opinions of the Fathers
Didymus of Alexandria 168 Cyril of Jerusalem
A D 440461
A D 461590
The Synodical System Ecumenical Councils 66 List of the Ecumenical Councils
Books of Ecclesiastical
Church Discipline and Schisms 68 Decline of Discipline
The Schism of the Donatists External History 70 Augustine and the Donatists Their Persecution and Extinction
Internal History of the Donatist Schism Dogma of the Church
The Roman Schism of Damasus and Ursinus
The Meletian Schism at Antioch
Public Worship and Religious Customs and Ceremonies 74 The Revolution in Cultus
The Civil and Religious Sunday
The Church Year
The Christmas Cycle
91 The Sacraments in General
General Observations Doctrinal Importance of the Period Influence of the Ancient Philosophy
Sources of Theology Scripture and Tradition
The Trinitarian Controversies General Literature of the Arian Controversy
The Arian Controversy Down to the Council of Nicaea 318325
A D 325
A D 325361
A D 381
Import of the Controversy
Revived Sabellianism Marcellus and Photinus
The Nicene Doctrine of the Homoousion
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
The Nicene and Constantinopolitan Creed
The Nicene Doctrine of the Trinity The Trinitarian Terminology
The PostNicene Doctrine of the Trinity 132 The Athanasian Creed
The Origenistic Controversies
A D 394399
The Christological Controversies
General View The Alexandrian and Antiochian Schools
A D 362381
A D 428431
A D 431 The Compromise
The Nestorians
A D 449
A D 451
The Orthodox Christology Analysis and Criticism
A D 553
Jacobites Copts Abyssinians Armenians Maronites
The Anthropological Controversies Works on the Pelagian Controversy
Character of the Pelagian Controversy
The Pelagian Controversy in Palestine
Position of the Roman Church Condemnation of Pelagianism
Primitive State and Freedom of Man the Fall
Doctrine of Human Ability and Divine Grace
the Primitive State of Man and Free Will
the Fall and its Consequences
Original Sin and the Origin of the Soul
Arguments for the Doctrine of Original Sin and Hereditary Guilt
Answers to Pelagian Objections
Augustines Doctrine of Redeeming Grace
The Doctrine of Predestination
A D 529
Church Fathers and Theological Literature I The Greek Fathers 161 Eusebius of Caesarea
The Church Historians after Eusebius
John Chrysostom
Cyril of Alexandria
Ephraem the Syrian
The Latin Fathers 173 Lactantius
Hilary of Poitiers
176 Jerome as a Divine and Scholar
The Works of Jerome
The Works of Augustine
The Influence of Augustine upon Posterity and his Relation to Catholicism and Protestantism
Medieval Christianity from A D 5901049
The Middle Age Limits and General Character
The Nations of Medieval Christianity Kelt Teuton Slav
Genius of Medieval Christianity
Periods of the Middle
The Church Among the Barbarians From Gregory I to Gregory VII A D 5901049 1073
The Conversion of England Ireland and Scotland
Literature 8 The Britons
The AngloSaxons
The Mission of Gregory and Augustin Conversion of Kent
Antagonism of the Saxon and British Clergy
Conversion of the other Kingdoms of the Heptarchy
Conformity to Rome Established Wilfrid Theodore Bede
Conversion of Ireland St Patrick St Bridget Critical Note on St Patrick
The Irish Church After St Patrick
Subjection of Ireland to English and Roman Rule
Conversion of Scotland St Ninian and St Kentigern
St Columba and the Monastery of Iona
The Culdees
Extinction of the Keltic Church and Triumph of Rome under King David
The Conversion of France Germany and Adjacent Countries General Literature
Arian Christianity Among the Goths and Other German Tribes
Conversion of Clovis and the Franks
Columbanus and the Irish Missionaries on the Continent
German Missionaries before Boniface
Boniface the Apostle of Germany
Pupils of Boniface Willibald Gregory of Utrecht Sturm of Fulda
Conversion of the Saxons Charlemagne and Alcuin The Heliand and the Gospel Harmony
The Conversion of Scandinavia General Literature 28 Scandinavian Heathenism
Christianization of Denmark St Ansgar
Christianization of Sweden
Christianization of Norway and Iceland
The Christianization of the Slavs
Cyrillus and Methodius the Apostles of the Slavs Christianization of Moravia Bohemia and Poland
Conversion of the Bulgarians
Conversion of the Magyars
Christianization of Russia
Mohammedanism in its Relation to Christianity
St Benedict of Nursia
Sacred Places
Nicolas I April 858Nov 13 867
Hadrian II and John VIII A D 867882
Degradation of the Papacy in the Tenth Century
Interference of Otho the Great
Second Degradation of the Papacy From Otho I to Henry III A D 9731046
Henry III and the Synod of Sutri Deposition of Three Rival Popes A D 1046
The Conflict of the Eastern and Western Churches and Their Separation
Sources and Literature on the Oriental Schism 68 Consensus and Dissensus Between the Greek and Latin Churches
Causes of Separation
The Patriarch and the Pope Photius and Nicolas
Progress and Completion of the Schism Cerularius
Fruitless Attempts at Reunion
Morals and Religion
The Rule of St Benedict
Church Discipline
89 The Roman
The Capitularies of Charlemagne
91 English Legislation
Worship and Ceremonies 92 The Mass
The Sermon
94 Church Poetry Greek Hymns and Hymnists
95 Latin Hymnody Literature
Latin Hymns and Hymnists
97 The Seven Sacraments
The Organ and the Bell
The Worship of Saints
The Worship of Images Literature Different Theories
The Iconoclastic War and the Synod of 754
Iconoclastic Reaction and Final Triumph of Image Worship A D 842
The Caroline Books and the Frankish Church
Evangelical Reformers Agobard of Lyons and Claudius of Turin
Doctrinal Controversies 106 General Survey 107 I The PROCESSION of the Holy Spirit
The Arguments for and against the Filioque
II The MONOTHELETIC Controversy Literature
The Doctrine of Two Wills in Christ
History of Monotheletism and Dyotheletism
The Sixth Ecumenical Council A D 680
The Heresy of Honorius
Concilium Quinisextum A D 692
Reaction of Monotheletism The Maronites
III The ADOPTIONIST Controversy Literature
History of Adoptionism
Doctrine of Adoptionism
IV The PREDESTINARIAN Controversy Literature
Gottschalk and Rabanus Maurus 121 Gottschalk and Hincmar
The Contending Theories of Predestination and the Victory of SemiAugustinianism
The Doctrine of Scotus Erigena on Predestination and Free Will
V The EUCHARISTIC Controversies Literature
The Two Theories of the Lords Supper
The Theory of Paschasius Radbertus
The Theory of Ratramnus
The Berengar Controversy
Berengars Theory of the Lords Supper
Lanfranc and the Triumph of Transubstantiation
Heretical Sects 131 The Paulicians
The Euchites and other Sects in the East
The New Manichaeans in the West
The State of Learning 134 Literature
Literary Character of the Early Middle Ages
Learning in the Eastern Church
Christian Platonism and the PseudoDionysian Writings
Ignorance in the West
Educational Efforts of the Latin Church 140 Charles the Great and Charles the Bald
Biographical Sketches of the Ecclesiastical Writers
Chronologist List of the Principal Ecclesiastical Writers from the Sixth to the Twelfth Century I Greek Authors 143 St Maximus Confessor
St John of Damascus
Simeon Metaphrastes
Organization of the Apostolic Church 58 Literature
Grecian Literature and the Roman Empire
Jesus Christ 14 Sources and Literature 15 The Founder of Christianity 16 Chronology of the Life of Christ 17 The Land and the People
The Apostolic Age 20 Sources and Literature of the Apostolic Age 21 General Character of the Apostolic Age 22 The Critical Reconstruction of the...
St Peter and the Conversion of the Jews 24 The Miracle of Pentecost and the Birthday of the Christian Church A D 30
Christian Life in the Apostolic Church 44 The Power of Christianity 45 The Spiritual Gifts 46 Christianity in Individuals 47 Christianity and the Fa...
49 Christianity and Society 50 Spiritual Condition of the Congregations The Seven Churches in Asia
Theology of the Apostolic Church 66 Literature 67 Unity of Apostolic Teaching 68 Different Types of Apostolic Teaching 69 The Jewish Christia...
The New Testament 74 Literature 75 Rise of the Apostolic Literature 76 Character of the New Testament 77 Literature on the Gospels 78 The Four...
4 Hindrances and Helps
5 Causes of the Success of Christianity 6 Means of Propagation 7 Extent of Christianity in the Roman Empire 8 Christianity in Asia 9 Christianity in ...
Literary Opposition to Christianity 30 Jewish Opposition Josephus and the Talmud 31 Pagan Opposition Tacitus and Pliny 32 Direct Assaults Celsus...
Christian Worship 59 Places of Common Worship 60 The Lords Day 61 The Christian Passover Easter 62 The Paschal Controversies 63 Pentecost...
The Division of Divine Service The Disciplina Arcani 68 The Celebration of the Eucharist 69 The Doctrine of the Eucharist 70 The Celebration of ...
Moral Corruption in the Roman Empire 90 Stoic Morality 91 Epictetus 92 Marcus Aurelius
Ascetic Tendencies
Ecclesiastical Literature of the AnteNicene Age and Biographical Sketches of the Church Fathers 159 Literature
A General Estimate of the Fathers 161 The Apostolic Fathers 162 Clement of Rome 163 The PseudoClementine Writings 164 Ignatius of Antioch ...
Hermas 169 Papias
Caius of Rome 185 The Alexandrian School of Theology 186 Clement of Alexandria 187 Origen 188 The Works of Origen 189 The School of O...
Nicene and PostNicene Christianity Prefaces to Volume 3
Downfall of Heathenism and Victory of Christianity
45 The Benedictines Cassiodorus 46 Opposition to Monasticism Jovinian 47 Helvidius Vigilantius and Aėrius
The Hierarchy and Polity of the Church 48 Schools of the Clergy 49 Clergy and Laity Elections 50 Marriage and Celibacy of the Clergy 51 Moral ...
The Cycle of Pentecost 81 The Exaltation of the Virgin Mariology 82 Mariolatry
Christian Art 102 Religion and Art 103 Church Architecture
Consecration of Churches 105 Interior Arrangement of Churches 106 Architectural Style The Basilicas 107 The Byzantine Style 108 Baptisteries G...
Statistics and Chronological Table Position of Mohammedanism in Church History 41 The Home and the Antecedents of Islam
Life and Character of Mohammed 43 The Conquests of Islam 44 The Koran and the Bible 45 The Mohammedan Religion
Papal Hierarchy and the Holy Roman Empire 48 General Literature on the Papacy 49 Chronological Table of the Popes AntiPopes and Emperors Fr...
Gregory and the Univeral Episcopate 52 The Writings of Gregory 53 The Papacy From Gregory I to Gregory II A D 604
Survey of the History of the Holy Roman Empire 59 The Papacy and the Empire From the Death of Charlemagne to Nicolas I A D 814858 Myth of ...
The PseudoIsidorian Decretals
Monasticism 82 Use of Convents in the Middle Ages 83 St Benedict St Nilus St Romuald 84 The Convent of Cluny Chapter VIII Church Discipline ...
General Survey 33 Christian Missions among the Wends

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