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Clarendon Press, 1891

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Page 8 - Carmine qui tragico vilem certavit ob hircum, Mox etiam agrestes Satyros nudavit et asper Incolumi gravitate iocum tentavit eo, quod Illecebris erat et grata novitate morandus Spectator functusque sacris et potus et exlex.
Page 13 - and barley, and vines, which bear great clusters of the juice of the grape, and the rain of Zeus gives them increase. These have neither gatherings for counsel nor oracles of law, but they dwell in hollow caves on the crests of the high hills, and each one utters the law to his children and his wives, and they reck not one of another
Page 13 - a froward and a lawless folk, who, trusting to the deathless gods, plant not aught with their hands, neither plough ; but, behold, all these things spring for them in plenty, unsown and
Page 12 - with my mother, and didst wish to pluck the hyacinths from the hill, and I was thy guide on the way. But to leave loving thee when once I had seen thee, neither afterward nor now at all have I the strength, even from that hour. But to thee all this is nothing; by Zeus, nay, nothing at all
Page 12 - 623 : Vidi egomet duo de numero cum corpora nostro Prensa manu magna medio resupinus in antro Prangeret ad saxum,
Page 12 - once again he lifted a stone, far greater than the first, and with one swing he hurled it, and he put forth a measureless strength, and cast it but a little space behind the dark ship, and all but struck the end of the rudder. And the sea heaved beneath the fall of the rock, but the wave bare on the ship and drave it to the further shore.
Page 18 - telo lumen terebramus acuto . Ingens, quod torva solum sub fronte latebat, Argolici clipei aut Phoebeae lampadis instar.
Page 12 - brake off the peak of a great hill and threw it at us, and it fell in front of the dark-prowed ship.
Page 25 - Quid de tota Caria ? Nonne hoc vestra voce vulgatum est, si quid cum periculo experiri velis, in Care id potissimum esse faciendum
Page 13 - the high hills, and each one utters the law to his children and his wives, and they reck not one of another 1

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