Etidorhpa: Strange History Of A Mysterious Being And An Incredible Journey INSIDE THE EARTH

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Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US, 2012 - 382 pages
THIS IS THE ONLY FULLY AUTHORIZED -- COMPLETE -- EDITION OF THIS RARE MANUSCRIPT THAT HAS BEEN UPDATED AND CONTAINS ALL MISSING TEXT AND ILLUSTRATIONS For decades over 60 pages of this fascinating manuscript had gone missing -- or were they mysteriously "removed" because of the nature of their content?The publisher - TIMOTHY GREEN BECKLEY --insists that this "marvelous occult reference" be place before the public in its COMPLETE form, without any hint of censorship, as it is a most CHILLING supernatural tale of a journey to a world unknown to most of humankind. . .a journey to a civilization inside the earth."This book," maintains Beckley, "is a masterpiece. It is a mystery within a mystery so intriguing that it has endured for well over a century as a mater piece in occult literature."There are various explanations as to the nature of this tale. . .Is it an absolutely true story of a trip to the earth's interior by the author accompanied by a sightless being with superhuman abilities, s or is it something a bit more 'Cloak and Dagger?'"There are those who claim that John Uri Lloyd is relating the story exactly as it transpired in the 'here and now, ' while some Etidorhpa 'scholars' insist that this book is in actually an 'inner vision, ' and that the author is mere relation a psychedelic trip that took place after consuming a batch of wild mushrooms. Whatever theory you end up subscribing to you will be delighted at the story as it unfolds. It is as endearing now as it was upon being first told."The author was a member of a secret society -- The Masons? -- and his journey to a "Hidden World" can only now be told. Come with the author as he probes an unseen universe that has a secret meaning for us all.THIS IS THE ONLY VERSION WITH ALL THE TEXT AND ALL THE ILLUSTRATIONS. SOME SAY IT IS A TESTAMENT TO THE TRUE NATURE OF THE CREATOR.

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