At the Front, Volume 5

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Lee and Shepard, 1897 - United States - 487 pages
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Page 337 - Collins, i. 94. law in this period of conflict was made the greater by the action of the Home Guards, a force that could not be kept in proper control. These partisan troops made many raids upon persons known to be in sympathy with the South. The whole experience of the Civil War with these detached localized troops served to show that they were an element of great danger to the civil government of the State.
Page 479 - Common prudence and the safety of my army, upon which even the safety of our cause depended, left no doubt in my mind as to the necessity of my withdrawal from so unequal a contest.
Page 7 - Regiment from the formation of the two companies as a squadron, in which it rendered its first service for the preservation of the Union, till in the present volume it becomes a full cavalry regiment of twelve companies, with three battalions, a colonel, a lieutenant-colonel, and three majors.
Page 490 - ADAMS, who, under his well-known pseudonym, is known and admired by every boy and girl in the country, and by thousands who have long since passed the boundaries of youth, yet who remember with pleasure the genial, interesting pen that did so much to interest, instruct, and entertain their younger years. 'The Blue and the Gray...
Page 490 - Though we are not so young as we once were, we relished these stories almost as much as the boys and girls for whom they were written. They weğe really refreshing, even to us.
Page 7 - I am building stockades to hold from 30 to 100 men at all bridges, but such guards at best only give security to certain points and against a small force. There can be no safety without cavalry enough to pursue the...
Page 489 - A Young Knight Errant; OR, CRUISING IN THE WEST INDIES. 4. Strange Sights Abroad) OR, ADVENTURES IN EUROPEAN WATERS* No author has come before the public during the present...
Page 489 - Half Round the World ; OR, AMONG THE UNCIVILIZED. 3. Four Young Explorers ; OR, SIGHT-SEEING IN THE TROPICS. 4. Pacific Shores : OR, ADVENTURES IN EASTERN SEAS. Amid such new and varied surroundings it would be surprising indeed if the...
Page 9 - Perhaps the personal history of the characters before introduced may interest our younger readers more than the details of battles and skirmishes. In the enlargement of the regiment, most, if not all, of them have risen to higher rank.
Page 453 - I think we had better get out of this place as soon as possible,

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