Principles of the commonwealth

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London, 1884 - 358 pages

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Page 305 - The angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal to one another; and if the equal sides be produced, the angles -upon the other side of the base shall be equal.
Page 313 - We are resolved to keep an established church, an established monarchy, an established aristocracy, and an established democracy, each in the degree it exists, and in no greater.
Page 286 - ... dissolution. But we may rapidly trace its history. It met on 3 November, 1640, and sat on steadily until 22 August, 1642, when the king's standard was raised at Nottingham, and long afterwards. In the meantime, however, before the war broke out, not only had it procured the attainder of Strafford, the exclusion of the bishops from the House of Lords, the abolition of the Star Chamber ; but further two acts were passed which particularly concern us here. In the first place on 1 5 February, 1641,...
Page 98 - It is, that in criminal cases, and especially in capital cases, the jury are the judges of the law, as well as of the fact. My opinion is, that • the jury are no more judges of the law in...
Page 329 - Mountains are shown on a unique scale in this locality. The same may be said, though in a less degree, of the valley of the Arkansas as it emerges from the mountains near Canon City. I am inclined to believe that it is only in these localities that rocks older than the triassic or red beds are shown along the eastern flanks of the mountains south of Cheyenne. I have looked in vain for a single exposure of...
Page 69 - It is of some importance to notice this difference between the position of the Church of England and that of the Church of...
Page 323 - Edinburgh, from the beginning of the seventeenth century till the end of the eighteenth, but without finding any Skipmyre inventory therein, or other document than the Kinharvey one of 1740 above mentioned.
Page 246 - The prairies of North America, the pampas of South America, the plains of...

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