Israel's Nuclear Arsenal

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Taylor & Francis Group, 7. 6. 2019 - Počet stran: 160
Israel's Nuclear Arsenal is a full inquiry into the likely size and sophistication of the Israeli nuclear weapons program. Among the key questions it addresses are: Did other nations--the United States, France, or West Germany, for example--assist Israel in developing its nuclear weapons capacity? What is the nature of Israel's industrial nuclear infrastructure? What are the design, number, and yield of its atomic bombs? How are they deliverable? The answers to these queries are important: Israel's nuclear capability is one of the most potentially critical, and least discussed, variables on the world scene today. By providing the most comprehensive and in-depth investigation to date of Israel's atomic military strength, Pry lays the foundation for analyzing Israeli strategic options and the A-bomb's potential to contribute to international stability or instability, war or peace. This book establishes a new basis from which debate over the political and strategic significance of Israeli nuclear arms can proceed.

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