Prytaneum Bostoniense: Notes on the History of the Old State House, Formerly Known as the Town House in Boston, the Court House in Boston, the Province Court House, the State House, and the City Hall

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Cupples, Upham, 1886 - Boston (Mass.) - 80 pages

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Page 36 - ... as patriots shed for dying laws." But I would not wish, under any circumstances, to dwell upon incidents like these, thankful as I am that time, which has secured our freedom, has extinguished our resentments. I therefore turn from these painful reminiscences, and refer you to the day when Independence, mature in age and loveliness, advanced with angelic grace from the chamber in which she was born into the same balcony, and holding in her hand the immortal scroll on which her name and character...
Page 38 - We do by these presents, for us, our heirs, and successors, will and ordain, that the territories and colonies commonly called or known by the names of the colony of the Massachusetts...
Page 18 - Chorus — Yankee Doodle, keep it up, Yankee Doodle, dandy, Mind the music and the step, And with the girls be handy.
Page 4 - Washington, the other General Officers and their suites, having been previously invited, met in the Council Chamber, from whence, preceded by the Sheriff with his "Wand, attended by the Members of the Council who had had the small pox, the Committee of the House of Representatives, the Selectmen, the Clergy, and many other Gentlemen...
Page 11 - J'ai vu les champs de Lexington ; je m'y suis arrêté en silence, comme le voyageur aux Thermopyles, à contempler la tombe de ces guerriers des deux Mondes, qui moururent les premiers pour obéir aux lois de la patrie. En foulant cette terre philosophique qui me disoit, dans sa muette éloquence, comment les empires se perdent et s'élèvent, j'ai confessé mon néant devant les lois de la Providence et baissé mon front dans la poussière'.
Page 4 - Isaiah, and 20th verse. After divine service was ended his Excellency, attended and accompanied as before, returned to the Council Chamber, from whence they proceeded to the Bunch of Grapes tavern, where an elegant dinner was provided at the public expence ; after which many very proper and pertinent toasts were drank. Joy and gratitude sat on every countenance, and smiled in every eye.
Page 69 - Esqrs., with such as the Honorable House shall join, be a Committee to...
Page 38 - Resolved, That in all continental commissions, and other instruments, where, heretofore, the words "United Colonies" have been used, the style be altered, for the future, to the UNITED STATES.
Page 43 - Boston is built, because he was the first that slept upon it," was an ordained clergyman, " who had left England, being dissatisfied there and not a thorough conformist ; but he was more dissatisfied with the non-conformity of the new-comers.

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