The Administration of Warren Hastings, 1772-1785: Reviewed and Illustrated from Original Documents

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Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, India, 1892 - India - 317 pages
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Page 69 - Then the horrors of Indian war were let loose on the fair valleys and cities of Rohilcund. The whole country was in a blaze. More than a hundred thousand people fled from their homes to pestilential jungles, preferring famine, and fever, and the haunts of tigers, to the tyranny of him, to whom an English and a Christian government had, for shameful lucre, sold their substance, and their blood, and the honour of their wives and daughters.
Page 176 - I do not," said Hastings, in a minute recorded on the Consultations of the Government, " I do not trust to Mr. Francis's promises of candour, convinced that he is incapable of it. I judge of his public conduct by his private, which I have found to be void of truth. and honour.
Page 151 - On the contrary, if it be really true that the British arms and influence have suffered so severe a check in the western world, it is more incumbent on those who are charged with the interests of Great Britain in the East, to exert themselves for the retrieval of the national loss.
Page 283 - I maintained the wars which were of your formation, or that of others, not of mine : I won one member of the great Indian confederacy from it by an act of seasonable restitution : with another...
Page 159 - Medecino observed the articles of capitulation, as far as depended on him, with great exactness. No violence or insult whatever was offered to the inhabitants, and the French garrison was treated with all the respect due to their spirit and bravery.
Page 282 - India- it was I who made them so. The valour of others acquired, I enlarged and gave shape and consistency to the dominion which you hold there; I preserved it...
Page 97 - I sit here to hear men collected from the dregs of the people give evidence at his dictating against my character and conduct ? I will not. You may if you please form yourselves into a committee for the investigation of these matters in any manner which you may think proper, but I will repeat that I will not meet...
Page 170 - any measures which the Governor-General shall " recommend for the prosecution of the war in which " we are supposed to be engaged with the Mahrattas, " or for the general support of the present political
Page 123 - ... and him there safely keep until he shall be discharged by due course of law.
Page 56 - We engaged to assist the Vizier in reducing the Rohilla country under his dominion that the boundary of his possessions might be completed, by the Ganges forming a barrier to cover them from the attacks and insults to which they were exposed by his enemies either possessing or having access to the Rohilla country.

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