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Review: Christ the Lord Audio CD

User Review  - Scott -

I was a bit skeptical about how this book would be, knowing Ms. Rice's history of writing about the pagan and occult prior to her conversion to Christianity. However, the book is an entertaining look ... Read full review


User Review  - 10131916 -

Extremely funny book. A very easy read. This is a book that is wonderful to read during the gray wintry days to lighten your mood. I believe every woman over 50 should read this book. She expresses things that many of us have thought of but tried to ignore! Read full review

Good Reading

User Review  - dianag1 -

Nora Ephron is a great author thisbook is very funny and anyone could relate to getting a little older..Would reccomend to any avid reader...I bought an extra one for my sister.. Read full review

Loved this book!

User Review  - charmedf8 -

I bought this book to read in my car while waiting for my son to get out of school. Each day I looked forward to laughing through another chapter and was sad when the book ended. Before getting this I ... Read full review

Sooo funny

User Review  - 5bits -

A nurse loaned me this book while I waiting to go into surgery. Hard to imagine but I was laughing out loud and felt my anxiety level tremendously eased by the the authors sense of humor and writing ... Read full review

i feel bad about my neck

User Review  - ldvpe -

As a woman in my 50s I could really relate to this book. The author brings up some things Ive never really thought about but are part of my every day life. I dont usually laugh when I read but I found myself smiling at quite a few parts. It makes a great gift which is why I bought 4 on overstock. Read full review

I Feel Bad About My Neck

User Review  - cjk56 -

I took this book out of the library and loved it so much that I am buying it for all my female friends for their 50th birthdays. Nora Ephron writes as if shes talking to you in your living room very natural and unpretentious. Read full review

Great Choice for the 60+ Gals

User Review  - rigal -

This book was extremely entertaining and I laughed all the way through. Nora Ephron hits it right on.I received it as a gift when turning 60 and immediately sent copies to friends. Read full review

BookI Feel Bad About My Neck

User Review  - marj30 -

Sold out in all my local book stores I was surprised to be able to get it at Overstock and at a good price.The book is a great read for women over 50. I really enjoyed it. I found myself saying yes to all her comments about what was happening to her. Read full review

Great Book

User Review  - 2GONE - Walmart

I totally enjoyed the writing syle and content of this book. It is real and down to earth. The reader needs to be a woman and preferably no younger than 45 to truly appreciate it. Read full review

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