Shells from Life-love-God

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Centre Publishing Company, 1909 - 49 pages
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Page 12 - THE CLEARER SIGHT If it were given me to ask one blessing, To crave one gift from the great power above; I would bend low, and in a deep appealing, Beg for full consciousness of Universal Love. Sometimes the wrongs of earth seem so appalling; The curse of birth almost makes death a bliss; Hearts ache and break, and life seems hopeless striving; And Right, and Love, are hid in human mists. We need a sense of Universal justice, To lift our heart to where it soars and sings; We need a consciousness...
Page 31 - With the fulness ot loving our life is fraught. All earth is aglow with the wealth of loving, It is scattered over the world's wide way; It reaches the edges of human night-time — It spans the gateway of endless day. RECOMPENSE I know not where, I know not when My life shall meet that love sublime, That fills the soul with rapture dreams, That makes the human half divine. I only know that never yet My life hao found what others find, The human love that speaks to peace The fretful fibres of the...
Page 31 - There's a wonder of love in the world around us, I hear its note in the wild bird's songs; A hint of the joy that somehow surrounds us, And all of life's glory to us belongs. We are never alone in this world of beauty, All joy, all pleasure is bounded by thought; The ALL-LIFE bestoweth with boundless measure, With the fulness ot loving our life is fraught.
Page 26 - You think you do, ah, no, ah, no," For love is not a thing to take or give, It knows no law, no plan, it only IS. And looking at your smiling care-free face, I know that love, in truth, has not yet come; For LOVE has earnestness as its first grace, It smiles, ah, yes, but through it shadows ran.
Page 49 - Why should I fear, they are the things I sought. I know God's law, and when I touch the shore And swing ajar the bolted door of death, I'll find within the threshold still, A justice land; a fairy paradise — And all the records I have written there, Will seem as naught to my enraptured eyes.
Page 28 - AT-ONE-MENT Long, long ago, in ages that are past, Your life touched mine and Fate was ushered in; We did not see that skies were overcast, We only felt the mystic tie within. We met, and looking in each other's eyes, We read the message time could not bedim ; We spoke once more the language of...
Page 42 - ... glad and ever what it seems. Life may be long and love a seeming dream, But God has set His signal on our way; And following Him, we ford the wildest stream; We find at last a peace-crowned, perfect day. Oh, blissful hours when God speaks to the soul! Oh, rapturous days when love has gained its own I The record of ourselves is on the scroll ; We gather up the harvest we have sown.
Page 28 - ... spring, And all my hours are full of joy untold; Within my very being you are king, Your call has made my inmost self unfold. Together — after years of wandering! Heart speaks to heart so each can understand ! Such rapturous hours as only love can bring! We dwell in an illumined, peace-crowned land.
Page 25 - ... alone And gather our harvest through winding ways. There are ages between the past and now, There are mighty cycles to come and go; But between our souls is that deathless vow, It calls to us and we hear and know. We close our minds to the call of sense, We open our lives to the voice sublime; To feel, to recall, this is recompense, And our now is alive with a thrill divine.
Page 40 - I could not gee nor hear my Father's will; And darker grew each hour my whole day through— I staggered on in blindness — hushed and still. And then — you came — and all my world grew sweet; In your great self I saw the way, the life — Across my life's deep chasm Love could meet; It bridged the past...

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