Analytic Keys to the Genera and Species of North American Mosses

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The University, 1896 - Mosses - 368 pages
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Page 261 - Wils., var. mollis L. & J. Man. 49 (1884). Plants gregarious in brown patches, I mm., seldom 2 mm. high; stems short, .5-1 mm. high, naked and radiculose at base; leaves crowded at the summit, more or less secund, I rarely 2 mm. long, subulate from a broader base; vein channeled, filling the entire or serrulate apex, faintly papillose on the back; basal cells smooth, irregular, upper with thickened walls. Autoicous, the antheridia in brown basal buds. Seta shorter than the capsules, both immersed,...
Page 181 - The large parenchymose cells (called guides)1 form a row (seldom double) in the middle of the costa, touching each other tangentially. They are comparatively large, but little thickened, and either empty or starch-bearing.
Page i - Keyes to the Genera and Species of North American Mosses, by Charles Reid Barnes, Professor of Botany and Fred DeForest Heald, Fellow in Botany.
Page 270 - Tibb's Run (Millspaugh, 1635). Plants bright glossy green, stems matted below by a red tomentum, leafy nearly to apex, denudate roughened above, with a few leaves at summit ; leaves erect or secund, straight or curled and twisted, often 5 mm.
Page 165 - ... capsule 46 angled, teeth 64, * Polytrichum, 263 * * Peristome double. t Capsule symmetric, erect. , Teeth broadly or narrowly triangular-lanceolate: capsule ribbed, not twisted. Leaf-cells at base hexagono-rectangular, hyaline * Orthotrichum, 164 tt Capsule unsymmetric, inclined, oblique, or pendulous. | Inner peristome a membrane, carinate or cut into sixteen segments; these sometimes separated by cilia. || Cilia very short, rudimentary or none. Membrane latticed or cleft to the base into filiform...
Page 270 - Capsule cylindric, ribbed only at the mouth, i| to 2 mm. long, beak straight or curved, shorter than the capsule, peristome bright red, not deep set, teeth split unequally to middle, striolate at base, pale and granulose above, annulus none, spores small, calyptra cucullate, 2 mm. long, beaked, entire. Maturing in summer. Differs from European specimens of D. longirostre collected by Seringe ; in the longer, paler, more slender, scarcely arcuate pedicels, longer capsules, peristome not deep set,...
Page 270 - ... with a distinct neck, length about i mm. without the lid, which is as long as the rest of the capsule, with a straight beak, calyptra cucullate, entire ; peristome red, connivent,. teeth deep set, slender, split to middle, or perforate to base, striolate below, granulose above; annulus none, mouth bordered by a dense, dark rim. Maturing in summer, old capsules persistent, not sulcate. Differs from European specimens of D. longirostre in the structure of the base of the leaf, lacking the suddenly...

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