Maryland Weather Service, Volume 2

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1907 - Meteorology

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Page 498 - The moon and the weather May change together; But change of the moon Does not change the weather. If we'd no moon at all, And that may seem strange, We still should have weather That's subject to change.
Page 506 - We have frequently, along this North American coast, storms from the northeast, which blow violently sometimes three or four days. Of these I have had a very singular opinion some years, viz., that, though the course of the wind is from northeast to southwest, yet the course of the storm is from southwest to northeast; that is, the air is in violent motion in Virginia before it moves in Connecticut, and in Connecticut before it moves at Cape Sable, &c.
Page 501 - Christmass night and evening it is very fair and clear weather, and is without wind and without rain, then it is a token that this year will be plenty of wine and fruit.
Page 17 - ... The present volume contains a very exhaustive " Report on the Climate and Weather of Baltimore and Vicinity," and represents the results of many years' study of the Baltimore region. It is doubtful if the weather of any district has been so thoroughly studied as this region has been by Dr. Fassig. The Report is divided into two parts. The first deals with the average and extreme values of the meteorological elements recorded in the city of Baltimore. The discussion is based upon observations...
Page 498 - If the new moon appear with the points of the crescent turned up the month will be dry. If the points are turned down it will be wet.
Page 292 - What these relations shall be is one of the most interesting, and, at the same time, one of the most difficult, of the many problems with which we, or our successors, must deal.
Page 497 - When bees to distance wing their flight, Days are warm and skies are bright; But when their flight ends near at home, Stormy weather is sure to come.
Page 482 - Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July AUK. Sept. Oct.
Page 43 - ... We had better deal with the action of the sun on the upper strata of the atmosphere, and treat this as the principal cause. The actinometrical observations show us that these upper strata absorb a considerable amount of heat. This diurnal heating action of the sun on the upper strata would harmonise far better with the general uniformity of the daily barometric oscillation along the different parallels of latitude, as well as with its general independence of weather. We need not quite exclude...
Page 500 - This Swithin was a saint, I trow, And Winchester's bishop also. Who in his time did many a feat, As popish legends do repeat: A woman having broke her eggs By stumbling at another's legs, For which she made a woful cry, St.

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